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Transfer History

Players bought: 226
Players sold: 273
Total purchases: Rs 3,829,270,914
Total sales: Rs 4,292,381,967
Displaying 1-20 of 492 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-08-2020Shaheedur ShahidSuresh kannanDream Knights Cricket Club 119,83324,000,000 
03-08-2020Deep BorooahRK03Dream Knights Cricket Club 11,7073,910,000 
03-08-2020Ankur DesaiMadurai MachiesDream Knights Cricket Club 25,6082,365,000 
03-08-2020Suraj SandamThunder KatsDream Knights Cricket Club 13,2933,075,000 
03-08-2020Bruce AddisPorsh X1Dream Knights Cricket Club 14,1222,725,000 
03-08-2020Anupam HarshavaradhanRasipuram RebelsDream Knights Cricket Club 13,9023,000,000 
16-07-2020Shashi VamshiSandiyarDream Knights Cricket Club 36,89515,005,000 
26-06-2020Saurav SaiKumarMadurai MachiesDream Knights Cricket Club 25,6092,222,222 
25-06-2020Abhimithra BaijalThunder KatsDream Knights Cricket Club 12,2012,899,999 
03-06-2020Wayne TaitThunder KatsDream Knights Cricket Club 25,6085,432,100 
01-06-2020Gowtham KishoreRasipuram RebelsDream Knights Cricket Club 16,4293,800,000 
06-04-2020Nantie RossouwDream Knights Cricket ClubAli Trailblazers 79,7905,903,700 
02-03-2020Gopi PalPorsh X1Dream Knights Cricket Club 11,6512,900,000 
17-02-2020Aman RampalMadurai MachiesDream Knights Cricket Club 15,2273,700,000 
17-02-2020Mohammad AhmedThunder KatsDream Knights Cricket Club 13,3643,600,000 
28-01-2020Kiran ChellamMadurai MachiesDream Knights Cricket Club 12,2352,800,000 
30-12-2019Horace TilekarThunder KatsDream Knights Cricket Club 12,2603,000,000 
30-12-2019Duncan AmarasiriPorsh X1Dream Knights Cricket Club 13,9433,333,333 
30-12-2019Amit MukundhanRK03Dream Knights Cricket Club 14,2993,600,000 
05-12-2019Subrahmanyam MadanRasipuram RebelsDream Knights Cricket Club 12,2222,800,000 
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