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Transfer History

Players bought: 42
Players sold: 45
Total purchases: Rs 185,846,401
Total sales: Rs 141,821,620
Displaying 41-60 of 87 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
22-10-2015Michael AbrahamTrouble Makers CCHoly Tigers 27,9742,501,700 
22-10-2015Dickon OsborneTrouble Makers CCMumbai Hero Xi Club 33,9793,046,500 
20-10-2015Dharmaaalingam PrasadTrouble Makers CCrajubhai 113,35420,977,700 
19-10-2015Tanuj BorkakotigentlemensTrouble Makers CC 17,8485,601,600 
19-10-2015Prateek SinghTrouble Makers CCDeactivated team 60,99017,000,000 
19-10-2015Farris MooneyBrainstormHammerTrouble Makers CC 14,8962,165,000 
19-10-2015Younis AbbasterminaterTrouble Makers CC 23,3528,545,500 
19-10-2015Allan Greersumanth sixersTrouble Makers CC 13,6042,024,900 
19-10-2015Sanath SangakkaraHyderabad ImperialsTrouble Makers CC 18,8453,805,400 
17-10-2015Thiyagarajan GauthamShaz XITrouble Makers CC 24,6822,158,300 
17-10-2015Balan BalMukundTrouble Makers CCMumbaikar Indian 35,099538,200 
17-10-2015Andre AchongTrouble Makers CCALLIED UNITED 47,1223,000,000 
06-10-2015Dharmaaalingam PrasadNew England PatriotsTrouble Makers CC 113,35415,457,300 
05-10-2015Kunal GokhaleTrouble Makers CCGujarat Tigers XI 104,28311,261,800 
05-10-2015John OpreyTrouble Makers CCKandrol boyz 31,323714,000 
03-10-2015Connor AdcockTrouble Makers CCBANGLADESH TIGERS XI 47,2512,272,800 
01-10-2015Aziz IlderimMoNsTeR ArMyTrouble Makers CC 41,5787,466,800 
29-09-2015Kunal GokhaleDeactivated teamTrouble Makers CC 104,06914,506,500 
29-09-2015gautham GuptaTrouble Makers CCJAAT BOYS 19,04550,200 
29-09-2015Mubeen HaleemTrouble Makers CCRavindra's Beasts 25,519300,000 
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