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Transfer History

Players bought: 42
Players sold: 45
Total purchases: Rs 185,846,401
Total sales: Rs 141,821,620
Displaying 1-20 of 87 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
10-05-2016Agoram RaikarTrouble Makers CCVIRTUAL CRICKETERS 14,2281,747,100 
28-04-2016Ganeshan ReddyTrouble Makers CCshubhamx1 14,9243,183,700 
27-03-2016Velusamy NadarajahTrouble Makers CCBalihari 12,4651,080,200 
12-03-2016Sonaliya RatnayakeTrouble Makers CCKings XI Karnati 17,061808,000 
12-03-2016Don MadugalleTrouble Makers CCPindi Boys SWAG 15,2731,000,000 
12-03-2016Rodger WeeninkTrouble Makers CCKayals Fc 39,7559,000,000 
09-03-2016Sanjeewa FernandoThe HellBreakersTrouble Makers CC 16,08911,000,000 
09-03-2016James HaileyTrouble Makers CCRanchi Rangers 2266 23,5896,367,300 
09-03-2016Auburn AckermannTrouble Makers CCprayag Trifles 30,0807,140,000 
09-03-2016Gavin JoyceTrouble Makers CCMNk Mammoths 19,8163,496,100 
07-03-2016Leon CariahDeactivated teamTrouble Makers CC 16,9063,314,600 
06-03-2016Saharsh BagariaVictory Raiser XITrouble Makers CC 11,9742,780,000 
04-03-2016Arpit MondalSIDx XITrouble Makers CC 15,3973,000,000 
04-03-2016Taha SalahuddinMP LeadersTrouble Makers CC 18,4213,313,100 
03-03-2016Aamir HussainghosghosTrouble Makers CC 15,4483,537,400 
03-03-2016Gilbert GerraldTrouble Makers CComkar's warriors 30,1443,052,400 
11-01-2016Srinivass GounderTrouble Makers CCDravid11 9,670520,200 
16-12-2015Allan GreerTrouble Makers CCAnups Warriors 13,6042,040,000 
15-12-2015Ritwik AgarwalTrouble Makers CCDeadly Deathriders 13,9801,591,900 
14-12-2015Auburn AckermannIndian 11 HerosTrouble Makers CC 30,2444,400,000 
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