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Transfer History

Players bought: 20
Players sold: 53
Total purchases: Rs 170,021,100
Total sales: Rs 139,990,400
Displaying 41-60 of 73 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-07-2017Syed AkramSA Beefeaters XIUrmit Patel Unicorn's 18,8551,040,400 
25-07-2017Amjad MahsudThe BeatablesSA Beefeaters XI 25,7209,550,900 
14-07-2017Ungapake MillerSA Beefeaters XIChennai Super King 2637 16,6671,130,600 
13-07-2017Xavier AckermannSA Beefeaters XIThe punisherr 17,5312,579,000 
12-07-2017Loren MaphosaSA Beefeaters XIAkshara Assets 12,802159,300 
12-07-2017Kevin HuysSA Beefeaters XIShiva Shadows 29 14,976520,200 
04-07-2017Firdoze WazirHitters ChoiceSA Beefeaters XI 22,41212,962,400 
03-07-2017Kerry Nibbihellraisers ukSA Beefeaters XI 25,8435,975,900 
01-07-2017Pepukai MadzivaSA Beefeaters XISunil Sharks 9157 11,0791,300,000 
01-07-2017Dingane SonoSA Beefeaters XIBCT LIONS XI 45,5474,973,600 
30-06-2017Showkat YesminExorcists XISA Beefeaters XI 23,8435,901,300 
28-06-2017Bhaagavat AtluriInvincible Thunder Strikers XISA Beefeaters XI 18,2603,225,300 
28-06-2017Pepukai MadzivaDeactivated teamSA Beefeaters XI 11,07910,000 
28-06-2017Arlo JacobMega BeatsSA Beefeaters XI 16,5382,756,600 
28-06-2017Justerino SinclairSA Beefeaters XIsrimangal Triggers 15,3883,677,900 
28-06-2017Neil KingsleySA Beefeaters XIBlack Knights XI 7,847150,000 
24-06-2017Gunasekaran VivekInsane SharksSA Beefeaters XI 17,6501,664,700 
22-06-2017Matt WhartonSA Beefeaters XIDeactivated team 15,5262,474,800 
19-06-2017Charl MokoneSA Beefeaters XIMadhukar blasters 3,58922,400 
19-06-2017Nic WaltersSA Beefeaters XIDeactivated team 9,135324,400 
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