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Transfer History

Players bought: 90
Players sold: 94
Total purchases: Rs 3,371,983,720
Total sales: Rs 3,672,089,572
Displaying 1-20 of 181 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
04-08-2020Glen MaxwellWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIMadurai Machies 257,736109,272,700 
19-04-2020Kolin Munrosunrisers hyderabad 143WORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 199,54930,000,000 
11-04-2020Iloveyou PragatiWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIsunrisers hyderabad 143 173,357154,000,000 
09-04-2020Dharmesh KotlaWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIGill Badshah's XI 35,44343,000,000 
08-04-2020Bashir RazaGill Badshah's XIWORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 156,375156,573,100 
08-03-2020Bhavdeep ChandokSeCuRiTy SmUrFsWORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 469,261198,673,200 
04-03-2020Kolin MunroWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIsunrisers hyderabad 143 196,77575,000,000 
02-03-2020Bryan NeddWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIsunrisers hyderabad 143 438,432135,000,000 
03-02-2020Donald HadleeKings xi punjab 45WORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 234,76248,305,000 
31-01-2020Bryan NeddLions XI 7959WORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 438,432105,950,000 
27-01-2020Reginald EdwardsHillsBorougH JF96WORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 296,202185,037,400 
21-01-2020Subhakar PorathurWORLD CLASS PLAYER XISHREEYA 11 267,667109,973,600 
21-01-2020Warren GowerWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIAk CC 230,90981,489,200 
21-01-2020Yashwanth DhingraWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 272,432100,076,800 
17-01-2020Iloveyou PragatiAanand AmazersWORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 144,76085,658,200 
16-01-2020Phillipps ReinholdWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIWounded lion's 310,138103,000,000 
14-01-2020Chris SchawWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIAkhil XI Club 235,72459,703,300 
28-09-2019Subhakar PorathurClub Cric XIWORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 267,667115,000,000 
27-09-2019Yashwanth DhingraRespect Indian ArmyWORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 272,432130,524,800 
26-09-2019Phillipps Reinholdeleven stunnersWORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 310,138130,000,000 
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