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Transfer History

Players bought: 144
Players sold: 143
Total purchases: Rs 507,855,308
Total sales: Rs 537,082,500
Displaying 1-20 of 277 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-04-2019Ijaz MalikBeatless XIMen From Hell 96,97142,730,000 
17-03-2019Aziz NazeerMen From HellDeactivated team 60,7793,627,900 
21-10-2018Raj JagtapMen From HellTridion Tanks 4329 4610 43,0524,662,000 
27-09-2018Shane WakefieldBakchodansMen From Hell 59,84822,000,000 
20-07-2018Mark HarisSMBG KINGSMen From Hell 64,49126,165,800 
12-05-2018Phillipps KatzMen From Hellsuraj indians 62,37210,094,100 
10-05-2018Naman DalviMen From Helluggraru 15,55710,764,800 
15-03-2018Lalithamana AbeynayakeMen From HellDeactivated team 34,2415,446,300 
11-03-2018Raj JagtapHeartbreaker clubMen From Hell 40,45414,102,400 
13-12-2017Haydar AhmedArjun rangersMen From Hell 36,56210,145,500 
11-12-2017Simon PittMen From HellAustralian Bigshots 2895 19,2994,763,500 
28-11-2017Norman AdamKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSMen From Hell 46,31917,248,600 
28-11-2017Lalithamana AbeynayakeHistory Reloaded 4548Men From Hell 33,6465,706,200 
27-11-2017Balaramkrishna SubramanianMen From HellThe Sarcastic XI 38,27921,043,100 
25-11-2017Aziz NazeerHuHa XIMen From Hell 60,02612,360,000 
16-11-2017Admire SibandaMen From HellKerala cricket bored 17,077801,100 
07-11-2017Phillipps KatzJuhuMumbaiMen From Hell 58,04318,500,000 
07-11-2017Geoff OnionsMen From HellShabeer Shadows 6415 21,0191,210,200 
07-11-2017Frank HartMen From HellClassic cricketers 18,646900,000 
06-11-2017Clarence BacklerMen From HellHawlks Warriors XI 34,0517,222,300 
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