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Transfer History

Players bought: 231
Players sold: 261
Total purchases: Rs 3,983,971,162
Total sales: Rs 4,396,290,530
Displaying 1-20 of 489 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-04-2020Olly LaundersKnockout NinjasTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 38,10120,000,000 
14-11-2019Swarnadip ShamboMadurai MachiesTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 237,605120,000,000 
13-11-2019Amit SreeRK03THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 11,6903,500,000 
13-11-2019Harshal KulasekaranRasipuram RebelsTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 25,6082,222,222 
31-10-2019Viswa BalajeeMadurai MachiesTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 201,31696,000,000 
31-10-2019Nishad PawgiPorsh X1THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 260,986135,000,000 
30-10-2019Aghor ThakoreThunder KatsTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 16,3072,719,200 
12-10-2019Rishav ChandraTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESRK03 424,313159,135,000 
25-09-2019Abhoy KhandelwalTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESKk Gillies 11,91725,422,300 
19-09-2019Rohitt SharmaTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESDeactivated team 188,40548,863,700 
10-09-2019Chandrakishore HauselTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESAdisu Knights 280,46637,019,900 
10-09-2019Naman MominTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESKerala Blasters CC 258,28096,517,400 
10-09-2019Utpal KotokiTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESDooms XI 248,82057,150,900 
05-09-2019Rishav ChandraRasipuram RebelsTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 422,108270,000,000 
03-09-2019Rohitt SharmaPorsh X1THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 200,55087,000,000 
26-08-2019Dipoo RagothamanTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESTelugu teja 158,97070,736,300 
17-08-2019Abdul GujjarPorsh X1THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 13,0603,000,000 
12-08-2019Chandrakishore HauselRasipuram RebelsTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 326,496112,000,000 
12-08-2019Utpal KotokiRasipuram RebelsTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 268,721111,000,000 
09-08-2019Naman MominRK03THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 253,630193,000,000 
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