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Transfer History

Players bought: 67
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 602,509,900
Total sales: Rs 588,443,419
Displaying 141-148 of 148 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-08-2015Jagat PaiPragi KingsBORN TO FIGHT X1 7,36610,000 
09-08-2015Prateek KrishnamurthiDeactivated teamBORN TO FIGHT X1 9,33210,000 
09-08-2015Daanish SaxenaEarth ElevenBORN TO FIGHT X1 5,29510,000 
09-08-2015Saiyid MahmoodEarth ElevenBORN TO FIGHT X1 9,26310,000 
09-08-2015Suresh Pantrocker lionsBORN TO FIGHT X1 19,68111,700 
08-08-2015Kanishka RaoHYDERABADI LEGENDSBORN TO FIGHT X1 9,64010,000 
08-08-2015Venkat SumanHYDERABADI LEGENDSBORN TO FIGHT X1 17,69510,200 
05-08-2015Dane HutchinsonSUPERBLASTERSBORN TO FIGHT X1 7,30011,500 
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