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Transfer History

Players bought: 67
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 602,509,900
Total sales: Rs 588,443,419
Displaying 101-120 of 148 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-11-2015Vitthal KhandelwalVirajparikh00 XIBORN TO FIGHT X1 6,676300,000 
31-10-2015Ambhuj ChundiBORN TO FIGHT X1ForEver XI 24,811200,000 
31-10-2015Jim McLeanBORN TO FIGHT X1Western Rangers 17,100136,500 
31-10-2015Bipak ThangachepBORN TO FIGHT X1Deactivated team 25,682100,000 
21-10-2015Sanchit LodhiBORN TO FIGHT X1Deactivated team 29,179500,000 
02-10-2015Vivek YalamanchiBORN TO FIGHT X1Watch my team 14,00310,200 
02-10-2015Firdaus HashmiBORN TO FIGHT X1Giddyup 8,19110,000 
29-09-2015Venkat SumanBORN TO FIGHT X1Revenants 11 19,47810,500 
26-09-2015Ashraf GalaniBORN TO FIGHT X1Vatsalblasters 14,8131,034,100 
19-09-2015Nathan BryanDeactivated teamBORN TO FIGHT X1 39,632637,700 
19-09-2015Jim McLeanBabiesBORN TO FIGHT X1 18,775709,100 
13-09-2015Charles KeaneBORN TO FIGHT X1Axon 18,2831,732,000 
13-09-2015Ambarish GuwalaniBORN TO FIGHT X1cr7 Xi 12,74610,000 
12-09-2015Saiakshith PotlapallyBORN TO FIGHT X1Butt Badshah 12,16010,200 
10-09-2015Charles KeaneMonferrato CCBORN TO FIGHT X1 18,2836,000,000 
09-09-2015Dhanyapaal ShettyBORN TO FIGHT X1Banana 11,33714,400 
08-09-2015Abhigyan ApteBORN TO FIGHT X1Paleja XI 5,44010,000 
07-09-2015Shyam DachepalliBORN TO FIGHT X1Goa Gangsters 4,52010,000 
07-09-2015Chilukuri RamavathBORN TO FIGHT X1Goa Gangsters 4,62910,000 
07-09-2015Faneemdra ModiBORN TO FIGHT X1RC Bangalore 6,79910,000 
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