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Transfer History

Players bought: 67
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 602,509,900
Total sales: Rs 588,443,419
Displaying 61-80 of 148 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-03-2016Shambhu MongiaWinners 87BORN TO FIGHT X1 62,91610,767,500 
29-03-2016Charles HopkinsIrishBORN TO FIGHT X1 37,2011,828,900 
19-03-2016Kallen BryceBORN TO FIGHT X1Pune Assaulters 17,8082,122,500 
18-03-2016Saket BhalotiaBORN TO FIGHT X1Abhishek XI 2724 8,702435,900 
16-03-2016Stephen PookLAVEEN HAWKSBORN TO FIGHT X1 14,6411,989,900 
16-03-2016Malcolm WalterDeactivated teamBORN TO FIGHT X1 20,9003,938,500 
12-03-2016Ravitheja JnrBORN TO FIGHT X1Knight Warrior XI 25,1863,820,500 
02-03-2016Arjyabrata KhandelwalBORN TO FIGHT X1Deadly Killer 30,3872,050,200 
29-02-2016Justin ScuttBORN TO FIGHT X1Bruce XI 16,5302,000,000 
25-02-2016Fajahat ElahiBORN TO FIGHT X1Vinay Kumar Koora XI 9,7241,800,000 
22-02-2016Gajendra BhoiteBORN TO FIGHT X1Deactivated team 12,5551,200,000 
20-02-2016Sukhendu GhoshGame SwingersBORN TO FIGHT X1 21,654477,600 
15-02-2016Dinesh YarlagaddaBORN TO FIGHT X1Lunatic Laaos 23,5662,020,400 
14-02-2016Biman PathakMajestic MarathasBORN TO FIGHT X1 17,824938,600 
06-02-2016Mohik Pattnaikcracking LionsBORN TO FIGHT X1 18,2181,910,300 
05-02-2016Balvantaraav MekaBORN TO FIGHT X1SUPERSTARS 00 26,191583,800 
03-02-2016Patrick StudebakerBORN TO FIGHT X1VIRAT THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR 32,7765,640,000 
01-02-2016Padm JainSpartans ArmyBORN TO FIGHT X1 35,169697,900 
28-01-2016Nathan BryanBORN TO FIGHT X1Dinga dingdong 33,2111,623,800 
20-01-2016Husain KhorasaniBORN TO FIGHT X1Veeresh The Warrior 26,660197,700 
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