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Transfer History

Players bought: 67
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 602,509,900
Total sales: Rs 588,443,419
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
31-08-2019Jeremiah TaibuStorm VipersBORN TO FIGHT X1 105,13450,710,000 
16-07-2019Sushant PonnaBORN TO FIGHT X1khulshi king star 26,7701,194,800 
10-01-2019Oscar GlenBORN TO FIGHT X1Run Hitters 157,28477,364,400 
30-12-2018Baadri KumaraswamyChamps ConquerorsBORN TO FIGHT X1 208,97985,340,000 
17-10-2018Tejit LakhyaniBORN TO FIGHT X1HillsBorougH JF96 19,52920,260,000 
15-05-2018Dipankar AggarwalBORN TO FIGHT X1Steve XI 250 79,68756,492,800 
09-05-2018Makur ManiBarbecued SnagsBORN TO FIGHT X1 67,16996,267,900 
29-04-2018Floyd ForestBORN TO FIGHT X1Ayush Rockers 5231 86,30111,131,000 
13-04-2018George WaddyBORN TO FIGHT X1Deactivated team 26,1355,168,600 
08-04-2018Galton BadgeryBORN TO FIGHT X1Mani's Legendary Eleven 20,1925,480,000 
03-04-2018Nicholas ButlerBORN TO FIGHT X1srinathkohili Sliders 53,3015,700,000 
03-04-2018Debabrata AgarwalBORN TO FIGHT X1AlMewat Pakistan 31,76122,830,000 
11-03-2018Charles HopkinsBORN TO FIGHT X1Mk Mariners 3928 44,0146,502,100 
01-03-2018Zahid SajjadBORN TO FIGHT X1Sundram Spiders 67,19917,282,100 
26-02-2018Gerry WaltonBORN TO FIGHT X1SOLANKI DYNASTY  106,60235,557,400 
26-02-2018Jayanshu DattaBORN TO FIGHT X1SOLANKI DYNASTY  89,20725,969,100 
25-02-2018Debabrata AgarwalLunar warriorBORN TO FIGHT X1 28,82822,028,700 
24-02-2018George WaddyDevang StrikersBORN TO FIGHT X1 22,98411,900,000 
24-02-2018Galton BadgeryRaipur Rockers 9521BORN TO FIGHT X1 20,19212,943,000 
24-02-2018Upendra AcharyaIndia Blazing StarsBORN TO FIGHT X1 49,65844,477,600 
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