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Transfer History

Players bought: 190
Players sold: 191
Total purchases: Rs 1,562,894,879
Total sales: Rs 3,077,787,701
Displaying 1-20 of 381 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-10-2018Sachin SankhyanPune Cricket ClubMurShaD XI 115,79661,205,700 
11-10-2018Dharanikumaar AnanthaPune Cricket ClubVairam's XI 102,94039,094,500 
11-10-2018Munawar MaqsoodiPune Cricket ClubSKS 104,20233,199,700 
11-10-2018Praneet GangwalPune Cricket ClubRaghav Tigers 63,13532,802,500 
11-10-2018Stephen PerryPune Cricket ClubMurShaD XI 65,98733,356,300 
11-10-2018Mike StarcPune Cricket ClubHyraa 97,75641,446,300 
08-10-2018Anthony CalistoKumar WalkersPune Cricket Club 3,5881,030,000 
08-10-2018Pranav HalwanSeawoods WildlingsPune Cricket Club 87322,000 
08-10-2018Nazir HussainThe Winners XI 9866Pune Cricket Club 1,79915,000 
07-10-2018Shokat KhanMurder ManiPune Cricket Club 5,53965,000 
07-10-2018Prashanth SubramanyaSwamyMurder ManiPune Cricket Club 2,81315,000 
07-10-2018Shishir GangteWorld Best TigersPune Cricket Club 95410,000 
07-10-2018Chris PearceAgartala Pacers 5256Pune Cricket Club 2,14760,000 
14-03-2018Stephen PerryDeactivated teamPune Cricket Club 20,52490,130,200 
12-03-2018Mike StarcKrushers KnightsPune Cricket Club 49,80424,863,000 
09-03-2018Praneet GangwalNOXIOUS NIANSPune Cricket Club 15,84099,803,900 
25-02-2018Dharanikumaar AnanthaSialkot ShreddersPune Cricket Club 31,32216,743,800 
25-02-2018Munawar MaqsoodiPakistan TigersPune Cricket Club 32,94724,198,600 
21-02-2018Sachin SankhyanPav PitchersPune Cricket Club 39,07824,916,600 
01-02-2018Ricky InwoodPune Cricket ClubUchiha Warriors 151,09380,000,000 
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