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Transfer History

Players bought: 8
Players sold: 25
Total purchases: Rs 19,954,100
Total sales: Rs 41,321,000
Displaying 1-20 of 33 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-08-2015Myron ElgarThe Lost and DamnedDarthvaders 14,4241,750,000 
20-07-2015Ebrahim ElahiThe Lost and DamnedDeactivated team 51,56715,060,000 
25-06-2015Lungile De BruynThe Lost and DamnedDarthvaders 12,6492,000,000 
11-04-2015Kartik KhareThe Lost and DamnedEagle Eyes 007 14,330106,200 
28-02-2015Dnuka PradeepThe Lost and DamnedFABBYs XI 16,7931,500,000 
21-02-2015Dilhara SajithThe Lost and DamnedRumble royals 19,0032,165,000 
05-02-2015Hasith JanakaThe Lost and DamnedDarthvaders 19,4632,020,000 
04-02-2015Madushani IreshaThe Lost and DamnedDarthvaders 18,684500,000 
31-01-2015Kapila SameeraThe Lost and DamnedMighty Panthers XI 14,8672,101,900 
01-01-2015Kopano HerzbergDeactivated teamThe Lost and Damned 18,3443,468,000 
28-12-2014Sripathi RamachandranThe Lost and DamnedDeactivated team 17,34010,200 
27-12-2014Nikhil VenkatramanASSASINSThe Lost and Damned 42,73313,005,000 
20-11-2014Mohammad AamirThe Lost and DamnedDeactivated team 19,3892,760,400 
13-11-2014Pavithra ErangaThe Lost and DamnedThe Firebolt 15,0985,272,800 
28-10-2014Harshal ChiplunkarThe Lost and Damnedmsd rockers 17,903433,200 
25-09-2014Tim SandersThe Lost and DamnedGiants of NZ 12,026300,000 
25-09-2014Jason BadcoeThe Lost and Damnedcheckpost chapaks 13,824689,600 
14-09-2014Joe GreenThe Lost and DamnedThe Swingers 12,5021,082,800 
17-08-2014Khalon AmsterdamThe Lost and DamnedReaperskull123 12,657221,000 
17-08-2014Shabbir NaeemThe Lost and DamnedVK's Smashers 22,21510,000 
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