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Transfer History

Players bought: 56
Players sold: 96
Total purchases: Rs 716,900,440
Total sales: Rs 540,627,292
Displaying 1-20 of 151 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-08-2019Kyan CoonaiVANCOUVER KNIGHTSGANGULY THE LEADER 40,40021,493,100 
09-08-2019Devendra KumarKk GilliesGANGULY THE LEADER 131,298100,000,000 
09-08-2019Adan GoelGANGULY THE LEADEREPO Doping 161,82965,128,400 
25-07-2019Abhishek BandopadhyayGANGULY THE LEADERVarun XI 237 27,328180,104,700 
25-07-2019Garvit JalanGANGULY THE LEADERAwais XI 12,9521,040,000 
14-07-2019Sultan GakharGANGULY THE LEADERAli Trailblazers 58,3573,224,200 
29-03-2019Kalhana MaheshwariGANGULY THE LEADERCarolina Panthers 9243 27,0035,990,000 
29-03-2019Sanjay MainamGANGULY THE LEADERHazara Qalanderzz 12,7311,710,000 
29-03-2019Sunil SharmaGANGULY THE LEADERChris Centurions 13,1892,670,000 
27-03-2019Adan GoelChennai Super Kings 7177GANGULY THE LEADER 123,71852,012,800 
23-03-2019Sartaj UsmanGANGULY THE LEADERXtreme Team 40,5976,456,000 
22-03-2019Mahadev ChaudharyGANGULY THE LEADERBengaluru 11 12,3131,204,400 
22-03-2019Sarfaraz FazalGANGULY THE LEADERBackfoot Punch 23,2141,350,700 
22-03-2019Deeptendu KumarGANGULY THE LEADERDeactivated team 12,4851,760,000 
22-03-2019Thami ArnullGANGULY THE LEADERDeactivated team 13,8191,420,000 
20-02-2019Devendra JrArmy of LegendsGANGULY THE LEADER 131,30060,000,000 
18-02-2019Devendra KumarGANGULY THE LEADERCoimbatore kings11 81,45818,900,000 
16-02-2019Niall AndersonGANGULY THE LEADERM champions 82,0158,520,000 
15-02-2019Vishnu DhulipallaGANGULY THE LEADERMumbai Indians 1453 21,0901,580,000 
14-02-2019Manohar UllalSaina XIGANGULY THE LEADER 35,93410,508,600 
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