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Transfer History

Players bought: 119
Players sold: 150
Total purchases: Rs 872,177,823
Total sales: Rs 1,208,116,831
Displaying 141-160 of 269 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-02-2017Fitzroy ButeAbdul Haseeb XIVinners 347859 49,91316,456,900 
09-02-2017Erroll WorrellAbdul Haseeb XIHaseeb XII 17,0315,100,000 
17-01-2017Nathan NonaBlack Knights XIAbdul Haseeb XI 28,229500,000 
28-10-2016Stephen LachmanAbdul Haseeb XIdream eye 21,039180,100 
14-10-2016Taruvinga RoseAbdul Haseeb XISHIVAM SINGH XI STAR'S 97,02724,969,600 
11-10-2016Cyril AaronDeactivated teamAbdul Haseeb XI 33,86920,808,000 
06-10-2016Eddie BennAbdul Haseeb XIDevouring Dragons 20,94630,000,000 
29-09-2016Suniil NarineAbdul Haseeb XIkalipzzzzz 24,96412,484,800 
25-09-2016Mahadev CampbellAbdul Haseeb XIDeactivated team 16,5353,000,000 
15-09-2016Sherwin ChaucerAbdul Haseeb XILegendKillers 20,01820,242,400 
11-09-2016Alastair ZamoreAbdul Haseeb XIVaghani XI 26,8549,363,600 
08-09-2016Taha MirJATT BROTHERSAbdul Haseeb XI 36,55331,416,000 
05-09-2016Kieran ByronAbdul Haseeb XILegendKillers 17,3036,500,000 
03-09-2016Sherwin VorleyAbdul Haseeb XIDNY ki CSK 30,77717,000,000 
31-08-2016Alastair ZamoreMariners High 5Abdul Haseeb XI 25,66912,434,300 
25-08-2016Byron ChattergoonAbdul Haseeb XIDeactivated team 17,8755,000,000 
14-08-2016Jermaine HolderAbdul Haseeb XIDelhities 17,5773,060,000 
11-08-2016Jermaine HolderHaseeb XIIAbdul Haseeb XI 17,5775,000,000 
08-08-2016Samantha HerathAbdul Haseeb XIHaseeb XII 43,91922,973,900 
08-08-2016Tom FrancisHaseeb XIIAbdul Haseeb XI 39,25217,416,900 
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