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Transfer History

Players bought: 119
Players sold: 150
Total purchases: Rs 872,177,823
Total sales: Rs 1,208,116,831
Displaying 21-40 of 269 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
03-08-2017Jason KingUnpredictable XIAbdul Haseeb XI 22,9835,068,000 
29-07-2017Rodger QuinnAbdul Haseeb XIThe Wristy Stroker's 29,0955,000,800 
27-07-2017James KeatingAbdul Haseeb XIMumbai Punter's 26,7103,531,300 
27-07-2017Deron GordonAbdul Haseeb XIBalasore Blue Knights 27,4277,142,300 
27-07-2017Jaiveer PowellAbdul Haseeb XIBOSS XI 8055 27,6156,095,500 
27-07-2017Vishal KumaarAbdul Haseeb XIMumbai Punter's 25,6564,845,800 
27-07-2017Baalajee NadarAbdul Haseeb XIalmighty 23,5792,080,800 
27-07-2017Erroll PowellAbdul Haseeb XIdangals 18,8599,348,300 
13-07-2017Shawn CurryAbdul Haseeb XIOggato Bivhishika 20,2588,800,000 
09-07-2017Jaiveer PowellHaseeb XI TeamAbdul Haseeb XI 27,6156,201,100 
09-07-2017Vishal KumaarHaseeb XI TeamAbdul Haseeb XI 23,3395,663,500 
09-07-2017Deron GordonHaseeb XI TeamAbdul Haseeb XI 25,2016,041,400 
09-07-2017James KeatingHaseeb XIIAbdul Haseeb XI 26,7105,276,900 
08-07-2017Ian JacksonAbdul Haseeb XIHaseeb XI Team 25,78016,000,000 
08-07-2017Baqar KhanAbdul Haseeb XIDhule 23,7187,577,100 
08-07-2017Gayan AnupamaAbdul Haseeb XIHaseeb XI Team 25,92616,000,000 
06-07-2017Baalajee NadarCity StalkersAbdul Haseeb XI 23,5795,048,900 
05-07-2017Gayan AnupamaHaseeb XIIAbdul Haseeb XI 25,9268,031,000 
05-07-2017Rodger QuinnHaseeb XIIAbdul Haseeb XI 27,0194,481,900 
05-07-2017Ian JacksonHaseeb XI TeamAbdul Haseeb XI 25,7807,464,300 
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