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Transfer History

Players bought: 54
Players sold: 116
Total purchases: Rs 1,048,691,500
Total sales: Rs 1,356,711,700
Displaying 1-20 of 166 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
12-09-2018Gunalan WickremasingheTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESbE ScArEd 11,9433,400,000 
12-05-2018Appurv RaibE ScArEdTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES 95,45669,212,100 
11-05-2018Chandrakishore GoyalLeather n WillowbE ScArEd 21,20431,413,600 
10-05-2018Abhinav RanaSonawane ShootersbE ScArEd 39,94130,330,200 
09-05-2018Appurv RaibE ScArEdbE ScArEd 92,50583,752,600 
29-03-2018Ashok SamalaKz lYcanzbE ScArEd 42,24548,410,000 
28-03-2018Appurv RaibE ScArEdbE ScArEd 75,15980,079,400 
12-03-2018Kristian GetherbE ScArEdThe Ravens 102,49742,518,300 
24-02-2018Bharat JayakumarSahil RockersbE ScArEd 33,11661,071,500 
17-02-2018Appurv RaiThe BaagarbillasbE ScArEd 62,33650,402,500 
26-01-2018Kristian GetherTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESbE ScArEd 102,49770,000,000 
02-08-2017Tharik DesaibE ScArEdMis Meteors 54,54328,764,500 
02-08-2017Moulinath KanagaratnambE ScArEdBullz XI 79,14927,196,100 
02-08-2017Sathish HarnbE ScArEdSsr Sliders 66,96721,287,800 
02-08-2017Singaravelan RameshanbE ScArEdMis Meteors 198,25074,620,400 
30-07-2017Arnav SharmaSpin ChampsbE ScArEd 5,98810,000 
30-07-2017Suresh KohliPushkar Princes 752bE ScArEd 13,16050,000 
04-05-2017Vivek ServaibE ScArEdVineeth winners 20,4102,773,100 
18-03-2017Firdos IlderimbE ScArEdSuper Heroes In Training 161,65466,465,800 
18-03-2017Sathish HarnBreaking pointbE ScArEd 48,12029,000,000 
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