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Transfer History

Players bought: 47
Players sold: 89
Total purchases: Rs 1,367,703,560
Total sales: Rs 2,271,717,276
Displaying 1-20 of 135 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-06-2019Khalid HossainMUNSI THE GREATFLYING TIGERS 343,042230,000,000 
21-06-2019James DoreyMUNSI THE GREATKings11UP 240,242110,746,800 
19-06-2019David VirgoMUNSI THE GREATShanu Tigers 400,024105,835,400 
19-06-2019Abdur IbadullaMUNSI THE GREATLaghman Atalan 112,40076,003,700 
19-06-2019Imran IslamMUNSI THE GREATNKS EPIC GIANTS 103,26467,050,000 
27-04-2019Danish MakhdoomFLYING TIGERSMUNSI THE GREAT 29,78122,000,000 
18-04-2019David VirgoBLINKMUNSI THE GREAT 392,577175,000,000 
05-04-2019Brenden WheenCrazy WolvesMUNSI THE GREAT 67,01810,338,600 
05-04-2019Mahmudullah AhmedCrazy WolvesMUNSI THE GREAT 75,36914,996,300 
29-03-2019James DoreyBLINKMUNSI THE GREAT 226,498135,000,000 
28-03-2019Bat ManMUNSI THE GREATchamp 11's 231,669145,000,000 
24-03-2019Peleg BaddeleyMUNSI THE GREATShanu Tigers 207,510145,571,600 
18-03-2019Inzamam AnjumMUNSI THE GREAT0786 220,948115,318,800 
13-08-2018Denis AckmanMUNSI THE GREATSBK511 70,16534,967,300 
13-08-2018Peleg BaddeleyDeactivated teamMUNSI THE GREAT 134,44095,000,000 
12-08-2018Khalid HossainDeactivated teamMUNSI THE GREAT 121,707108,000,000 
02-07-2018Pratyush SuranaMUNSI THE GREATDeactivated team 123,541105,000,000 
01-07-2018Tariq HafeezMUNSI THE GREATDeactivated team 70,46247,640,000 
01-07-2018Bat ManBLINKMUNSI THE GREAT 153,007180,000,000 
31-05-2018Iman HafeezBANGALORE LIONSMUNSI THE GREAT 33,5705,000,000 
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