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Transfer History

Players bought: 21
Players sold: 22
Total purchases: Rs 64,161,920
Total sales: Rs 49,957,280
Displaying 1-20 of 43 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-06-2016Sameera KanchanaThe Reddy ElevenKingmakers R 35,40412,205,000 
02-06-2016Adru WilliamsThe Reddy ElevenSentraal Warriors 38,37514,131,400 
30-05-2016Sandra SampathMiddle Stump LubricatorsThe Reddy Eleven 43,57312,000,000 
30-05-2016Dan HughesThe Reddy ElevenIndependent Fighters 17,7042,839,600 
26-05-2016Hashani BhagyasabarmatiThe Reddy Eleven 35,25712,799,800 
21-04-2016Dinesh CharanThe Reddy ElevenDeactivated team 20,8653,000,000 
15-04-2016Anand RavuruThe Reddy ElevenDPK X1 17,1562,000,000 
10-04-2016Satyen SinghThe Reddy ElevenARNAVSHRI6767 21,0307,000,000 
06-04-2016Sameera KanchanaKhaskheliThe Reddy Eleven 33,23815,489,200 
17-03-2016Vasu KhandelwalThe Reddy Eleven2 Dog Stars 13,6152,000,000 
17-03-2016Abhishek SuramThe Reddy ElevenMCC's 18,0446,000,000 
17-03-2016Pavan AlluriThe Reddy ElevenSOHID the DEStroyer xi 18,494103,500 
17-03-2016Sanaul IbadullaThe Reddy ElevenSatya Super Kings 10,2551,039,600 
25-01-2016Madhab BoraZam XIThe Reddy Eleven 28,2807,000,000 
21-01-2016Russell TilleyThe Reddy ElevenThe HellBreakers 10,0392,000,000 
08-01-2016Jethro MabuzaZaan XIThe Reddy Eleven 14,6641,500,000 
26-12-2015Sourav TamilThe Reddy ElevenHarshareddy Havocs 10,025552,300 
26-12-2015Chanakya MaklaThe Reddy ElevenDeactivated team 14,3081,020,800 
26-12-2015Anirudh NoryThe Reddy ElevenDevrAje hero's 22,2044,055,700 
22-12-2015John PaulingVINNERSThe Reddy Eleven 24,9866,730,200 
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