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Transfer History

Players bought: 202
Players sold: 253
Total purchases: Rs 4,030,163,608
Total sales: Rs 4,294,387,767
Displaying 1-20 of 455 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
31-03-2020Amit GuptaChennai Super King'z3G TITANS 20,0932,633,600 
31-03-2020Harish KhattarChennai Super King'z3G TITANS 11,9971,200,000 
31-03-2020Apurv VermaChennai Super King'z3G TITANS 12,1681,200,000 
31-03-2020Russel AbeywickramaChennai Super King'zkhattak warriors 77,78090,612,000 
28-03-2020Boyd CraigPrash Challengers XIChennai Super King'z 85,45565,383,200 
23-03-2020Roger AllenChennai Super King'zST SYLVESTERS COLLEGE 10,7831,962,200 
17-03-2020Arun NairTekken XIChennai Super King'z 11,9971,000,000 
17-03-2020Roger AllenMadras RobinChennai Super King'z 7,461800,000 
17-03-2020Harish KhattarInvincibles 8820Chennai Super King'z 11,9971,120,000 
17-03-2020Apurv VermaSCC 11Chennai Super King'z 12,1681,340,000 
17-03-2020Nidip BhargavaKolkata Quids 4300Chennai Super King'z 7,992590,000 
17-03-2020Chandrakumar GuptaRajesh RshaChennai Super King'z 10,5161,000,002 
17-03-2020Shivesh SamalaBoss Xi 8114Chennai Super King'z 11,6881,080,000 
17-03-2020Sachin GoyalDevendra XI 5643Chennai Super King'z 11,8981,040,000 
17-03-2020Sriram GargAbee SpoegbekkeChennai Super King'z 13,4441,100,000 
17-03-2020Amit GuptaCovai KillsChennai Super King'z 17,6221,545,000 
12-03-2020Chandraprakash ChaturvediChennai Super King'zNithin Twisters 78,23527,124,600 
12-03-2020Everette MarsoChennai Super King'zShadow 11 76,54240,463,300 
12-03-2020Kishan KohliChennai Super King'zNithin Twisters 71,87823,594,500 
12-03-2020Sankalp PokalChennai Super King'zNithin Twisters 64,08216,875,000 
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