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Transfer History

Players bought: 83
Players sold: 123
Total purchases: Rs 118,220,569
Total sales: Rs 662,657,733
Displaying 181-200 of 201 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-07-2014Anuraag MantriDeactivated teamScary Fish 19,3152,143,200 
11-07-2014Tony GibbScary FishDeactivated team 17,0264,085,100 
11-07-2014Agnikumar MalagiScary FishDragon Eye 22,7123,906,200 
11-07-2014Nathan MaxwellScary FishDa rE DEvilS 17,5861,277,000 
26-06-2014Jess LauraScary FishDeactivated team 13,6871,400,000 
05-06-2014Keith TrewinScary FishShah Bahdsha 12,064684,600 
04-06-2014Gustaw PollardScary FishPUNIT 6ers No'1 15,9231,012,800 
04-06-2014Bhaswar BagchiScary FishPlaY MakERs 11,77710,200 
04-06-2014Hattian Van MoerScary FishRAWOdy's ELEVEN 17,103600,000 
03-05-2014Sohan ChowdaryScary FishSmashing Thunder 8,189153,300 
03-04-2014Bhaswar BagchiDeep's MasterpieceScary Fish 9,296162,500 
03-04-2014Tejas Nawathemachan machan AScary Fish 7,294157,200 
03-04-2014Sohan ChowdaryVVK's XIScary Fish 8,18950,000 
27-03-2014Krishna VempatiScary FishDeactivated team 16,077900,000 
27-03-2014Reginald PearceScary FishAP XI 20,317500,000 
27-03-2014Abhishek GaliScary FishPacino Boys 54,3287,333,333 
27-03-2014Salim Alino one can stop usScary Fish 8,413733,333 
27-03-2014David LaurantusSpoiledbrahminScary Fish 14,8423,000,000 
27-03-2014Sanatan GoswamiDeactivated teamScary Fish 13,1481,500,000 
27-03-2014Sourav KumarVICTORY UNSTOPPABLEScary Fish 14,4541,319,900 
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