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Transfer History

Players bought: 50
Players sold: 66
Total purchases: Rs 189,482,160
Total sales: Rs 138,424,531
Displaying 61-80 of 115 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
22-09-2014Tanay AkulaThe MEN XIThe Lost Symbol 12,59610,200 
19-09-2014Aditya BhatiaThe MEN XIHell Day 13,445159,300 
19-09-2014Ankith VokshaniThe MEN XIDeactivated team 13,96245,600 
18-09-2014Tanay AkulaThe MEN XIThe MEN XI 12,59623,452 
18-09-2014Abhishek PillaiThe MEN XIBccc 8,56826,200 
05-09-2014Faruq MalikDeactivated teamThe MEN XI 18,8041,526,000 
25-08-2014Ranjeet BhoteThe MEN XIBangalore Brigaders 35,7871,072,300 
25-08-2014Abhishek PillaiHiccupsThe MEN XI 8,56810,000 
21-08-2014Gorden HunwickThe MEN XIDeactivated team 17,87210,000 
18-08-2014Nagarjun ChandrasekarWrath of Night FuryThe MEN XI 20,738400,000 
01-08-2014Narender VatsSON OF PITCHES 7The MEN XI 17,4121,300,000 
25-07-2014Amod NavalgundThe MEN XIGOPI THE DON 31,463832,400 
14-07-2014David QuirkThe MEN XIBengal Dynamos 22,950459,000 
10-07-2014Ross Smithstronger togtherThe MEN XI 10,301123,452 
10-07-2014Gorden Hunwickstronger togtherThe MEN XI 17,872123,456 
08-07-2014Nigel WestThe MEN XIRAHAMAN TEAM 15,080486,000 
21-06-2014Lindsay PerryThe MEN XIALL TIME WINNERZ 14,886510,000 
18-06-2014Rizwan MalikThe QuidditchThe MEN XI 17,7752,300,000 
15-06-2014Shamshad HaqThe MEN XIReD Affican 19,5391,087,500 
14-06-2014Tommy ComptonThe MEN XIKhan Bullets 11,547264,300 
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