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Transfer History

Players bought: 29
Players sold: 36
Total purchases: Rs 309,939,600
Total sales: Rs 118,070,300
Displaying 1-20 of 65 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-03-2020Mitchell AdamSumit battle royalsunited arab emirates 60,1945,603,200 
23-02-2020Ted BurkeSumit battle royalsZND'S XI 14,1766,101,900 
27-01-2020Anjan NathRoXXX 69Sumit battle royals 80,00122,556,400 
16-01-2020Sanchit PandianSumit battle royalsPritam Powerhouse 115,56514,570,000 
12-01-2020Debendra PoojariSachin spartansSumit battle royals 79,30720,761,900 
03-01-2020Kyle PhangisoSumit battle royalsAttacking Warriors 8550 94,0216,365,400 
31-12-2019Sanchit PandianBBM BeatersSumit battle royals 110,25816,340,000 
28-12-2019Shannon BadhamSumit battle royalsGud Luck 12,8302,376,500 
28-12-2019Siddhant ThomteSumit battle royalsBBM Beaters 188,34040,864,000 
02-12-2019Achintya PhukanSumit battle royalsGuru Star 3300 11,8835,047,000 
22-11-2019Pramod Bhattultimate fighterSumit battle royals 70,38440,397,700 
12-11-2019Arnab GovindasamiSumit battle royalsAahan Challengers 5223 56,0572,000,000 
09-10-2019Gandhar BadniSumit battle royalsAfghan winners 11,8125,240,000 
29-06-2019Shohidul AshrafulMalevolent XISumit battle royals 41,36012,000,000 
21-03-2019Devnil GogateDeactivated teamSumit battle royals 69,12712,246,700 
19-03-2019Dhivyaan GargColvin XISumit battle royals 66,25018,546,700 
12-03-2019Ruan MasondoSumit battle royalsThe Lord of T and W 53,0809,000,000 
22-01-2019Victor RiveraSumit battle royalsAnkit Strikers 14,9332,820,000 
14-01-2019Suraj BhatnagarDevil's Glory 7189Sumit battle royals 48,35311,000,000 
12-01-2019Kyle PhangisoDemigod FightersSumit battle royals 76,95215,000,000 
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