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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 141-160 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
19-05-2018Ted BoggRajeev FinishersROWDIES with the bat 22,5253,376,600 
19-05-2018Ajay PanthiTrivandrum RoyalsROWDIES with the bat 14,4285,573,000 
18-05-2018Shoiab AliROWDIES with the batSaigopal Smashers 249,90058,888,888 
15-05-2018Lohchab DeswalROWDIES with the batsparkling Thunderbird 117,43939,999,999 
13-05-2018Muhammad SarparaHISTORY CREATORROWDIES with the bat 263,95065,877,600 
13-05-2018Arlo WilesDestiny's FavoritesROWDIES with the bat 162,41699,803,900 
12-05-2018Gurbaaz AnanduDewasish XIROWDIES with the bat 23,275118,200 
12-05-2018Pranshu YadavMcplaya MagnificantsROWDIES with the bat 27,308300,000 
09-05-2018Karan BhatiaROWDIES with the batAXM Cricket Club 100,498122,222,222 
09-05-2018Andrew MacGillhurricane X1ROWDIES with the bat 261,33569,716,600 
07-05-2018Dwayne TahirHomicideROWDIES with the bat 176,31865,685,300 
06-05-2018Saket DubeDevil DangerROWDIES with the bat 69710,000 
06-05-2018Lazar AndradeHimanshu HulksROWDIES with the bat 1,09110,000 
06-05-2018Minhazul SalahuddinKaka Batijar TeamROWDIES with the bat 2,64430,000 
06-05-2018Debiprasad BhatiaAmethyst AcesROWDIES with the bat 59610,000 
06-05-2018Kemar BrownThe DeviliansROWDIES with the bat 191,49139,392,900 
05-05-2018Pratap KaniANGRY DARK KNIGHTROWDIES with the bat 247,60872,100,000 
04-05-2018Hussein FasihuddinHarare HeroesROWDIES with the bat 250,64146,603,200 
04-05-2018Marlon AlexanderFurious FalconsROWDIES with the bat 144,52425,498,800 
01-05-2018Reetam MitraROWDIES with the batXTREME HEROES 159,57675,555,555 
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