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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 121-140 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-06-2018Muhammad SarparaROWDIES with the batThe John Cricket Team 219,44162,222,222 
26-06-2018Andrew MacGillROWDIES with the batEmaan XI 261,33572,222,222 
17-06-2018Pranshu YadavROWDIES with the batRahul Comets 8671 27,142468,000 
17-06-2018Dwayne TahirROWDIES with the batKaIrO 176,31869,548,000 
17-06-2018Kemar BrownROWDIES with the batThe Abbas Cricket Team 191,49161,800,000 
10-06-2018Vaibhav ParabterminaterROWDIES with the bat 178,86080,247,500 
09-06-2018Marlon AlexanderROWDIES with the batMayank Mavericks 125,73322,748,600 
08-06-2018Shumail JalalviBatakundiROWDIES with the bat 165,79248,780,400 
07-06-2018Aditya Sethmathagal VSC 8ROWDIES with the bat 185,99223,293,300 
06-06-2018Hussein FasihuddinROWDIES with the batAfzalChan XI 215,20955,555,555 
01-06-2018Anubhav AgarwalBlack Ninjas KeralaROWDIES with the bat 20,3793,730,000 
01-06-2018Arnav JainSUBU KILLERROWDIES with the bat 153,85872,428,900 
31-05-2018Alluri AnilvarmaROWDIES with the batJaved Cricket Team 162,239147,777,777 
29-05-2018Roshan TendulkarROWDIES with the batShoaib XI Team 147,99469,999,999 
28-05-2018Richard ChristianROWDIES with the batCapT CoOL MsD 134,118166,666,666 
23-05-2018Rizwan GujjarThe Exotic DEMONSROWDIES with the bat 301,416136,660,000 
22-05-2018Abhijit KumarUp Nawabs 1706ROWDIES with the bat 67410,000 
21-05-2018Debendra KumarAakash Amazers 3351ROWDIES with the bat 67910,000 
21-05-2018Balendu SinghSatya FreakstersROWDIES with the bat 62720,000 
21-05-2018Ijaz KadirCelebration TeamROWDIES with the bat 192,48366,499,100 
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