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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 101-120 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-08-2018Ehsan AshrafROWDIES with the batNashik CC 28,7119,666,666 
28-07-2018Gurucharan BathNizam SultansROWDIES with the bat 9685,000 
28-07-2018Saurabh MendesNizam SultansROWDIES with the bat 8125,000 
25-07-2018Kalyan Kumar jnrWill Miss U at the Helm MahiROWDIES with the bat 55,81917,287,100 
25-07-2018Vaibhav ParabROWDIES with the batNellore cricket club 178,86065,920,000 
22-07-2018Arnav JainROWDIES with the batBLINK 153,85862,709,600 
22-07-2018Pratap KaniROWDIES with the batTHE GREAT JAT 247,60845,555,555 
18-07-2018Thala MsdROWDIES with the batpeRFect 47 169,147166,666,666 
18-07-2018Rizwan GujjarROWDIES with the batpeRFect 47 305,388179,999,999 
17-07-2018Shumail JalalviROWDIES with the batShahid XI Team 146,66155,555,555 
17-07-2018Aditya SethROWDIES with the batAyan XI 154,27935,555,555 
14-07-2018Satyen PhookanLingesh's XiROWDIES with the bat 97710,000 
14-07-2018Pranab LautuSam ChallengersROWDIES with the bat 1,72010,000 
12-07-2018Saptanshu SahaROWDIES with the bat14August1947 26,04611,999,999 
11-07-2018Peter QuinnROWDIES with the batRavi XI 8578 9,657595,000 
04-07-2018Bhaargav AlluROWDIES with the batindian rockstar 8,780800,000 
30-06-2018Gurbaaz AnanduROWDIES with the batSrk Glassbreakers 21,01383,800 
26-06-2018Ijaz KadirROWDIES with the batPTI XI 175,29065,555,555 
26-06-2018Apurv DhingraROWDIES with the batSanu Xtremers 36,9015,160,000 
26-06-2018Arlo WilesROWDIES with the batAmIr ElEvEn 162,416105,555,555 
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