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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 81-100 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-06-2019Kiran NathanblitzsachROWDIES with the bat 36,55817,000,000 
27-06-2019Shane PattinsonSolar Assassin'sROWDIES with the bat 16,0831,275,000 
27-06-2019Jaleel MinhasPak StrikerzROWDIES with the bat 12,6581,010,000 
25-06-2019Sunil TrivediUNA WARRIORS H PROWDIES with the bat 13,3191,220,000 
25-06-2019Samiran BeheraCsk 2735ROWDIES with the bat 12,5761,071,600 
25-06-2019Paras PradhanKalinga NerosROWDIES with the bat 13,2601,273,100 
24-06-2019Amol SamalaDassanan RavaanROWDIES with the bat 1,38810,300 
24-06-2019Orlando AntoineMumbai MastaansROWDIES with the bat 18,2071,500,000 
24-06-2019Prashant Chowdarydreem 11ROWDIES with the bat 14,7251,200,000 
24-06-2019Pranav Kumardreem 11ROWDIES with the bat 13,9321,250,000 
24-06-2019Jason KellyWounded lion'sROWDIES with the bat 30,1025,498,300 
29-05-2019Sabir AliJharkhand Warriors 2605ROWDIES with the bat 38,2054,043,600 
25-05-2019Moni HazarikaROWDIES with the batDeactivated team 13,1802,280,000 
17-05-2019Jauhar WastiHyderabad LionsROWDIES with the bat 43,26110,022,400 
14-05-2019Morne De RidderMUMBAI INDIAN 45ROWDIES with the bat 78,59415,716,400 
10-05-2019Farris ArlowROWDIES with the batParomita XI 12,4901,666,666 
19-04-2019Kishan JainROWDIES with the batLions 932 25,6082,499,999 
09-01-2019Rambir KohliThe Green Arrow 3483ROWDIES with the bat 11,5728,171,000 
28-12-2018Subhajit MaitraROWDIES with the batSuperKingsXI 158,652130,000,000 
04-08-2018Arjuna PrasannaROWDIES with the batSultans Stormtroopers 12,8491,039,000 
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