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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 61-80 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-08-2019Sunil TrivediROWDIES with the batUnloven XI 13,3191,345,678 
26-08-2019Samiran BeheraROWDIES with the batSwat2015 12,5761,456,789 
26-08-2019Jason KellyROWDIES with the batSwat2015 30,1028,666,666 
24-08-2019Rohan AgarwalROWDIES with the batAryan Knights 11,7662,490,000 
24-08-2019Pranav KumarROWDIES with the batJabali jabalpur 13,9321,345,679 
24-08-2019Earl SheldonROWDIES with the batJabali jabalpur 12,8491,564,789 
22-08-2019Kiran NathanROWDIES with the batBeast Fang 36,55823,456,789 
22-08-2019Mohan GoswamiROWDIES with the batMASTER OF DARNESS 15,5301,258,900 
21-08-2019Paras PradhanROWDIES with the batValiant Blasters 13,2601,384,800 
21-08-2019Orlando AntoineROWDIES with the batKing Stroms 18,2071,373,400 
20-08-2019Prashant ChowdaryROWDIES with the batSk Lions 1011 14,7251,555,555 
19-08-2019Shane PattinsonROWDIES with the batCoxey Comets 16,0832,540,000 
01-08-2019Aditya ChahalROWDIES with the batPODANUR XI CC 12,57914,072,600 
19-07-2019Morne De RidderROWDIES with the batAUSTRALIAN XI 78,59417,938,800 
14-07-2019Sabir AliROWDIES with the batBengal del FC 38,2055,067,400 
10-07-2019Jauhar WastiROWDIES with the batGhazali Intrusors 43,2619,039,600 
09-07-2019Prince LovelySachin warriorsROWDIES with the bat 185,25464,205,900 
07-07-2019Abdul HesbaniVATIYA SUPER BLASTERROWDIES with the bat 86,96725,680,000 
07-07-2019Vivek JastiSathiyamoorthy StormshadowsROWDIES with the bat 157,26043,603,600 
30-06-2019Mohan GoswamiDeepak's KingdomROWDIES with the bat 15,5301,500,000 
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