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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 21-40 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-03-2020Shambhu KumarROWDIES with the batSOLANKI DYNASTY  12,0862,266,000 
08-03-2020Joki PeresROWDIES with the batKolkata Knight Riders 9784 13,3232,379,300 
19-02-2020Gilbert OxleySpider man 1570ROWDIES with the bat 336,78051,518,900 
19-02-2020Upul JayasekeraBHUMIHAR WARRIORSROWDIES with the bat 279,000119,051,600 
19-02-2020Gangadutt GuptaROWDIES with the batRajpaul 263,23951,278,400 
12-02-2020Rohin GujralAnil XI 3336ROWDIES with the bat 290,30042,736,000 
07-02-2020Navin ApteROWDIES with the batBengaluru Trailblazers 2363 25,608803,400 
04-02-2020Bert DarvallShadow 11ROWDIES with the bat 206,24730,938,800 
28-01-2020Fahim AkbariBongo's BeamersROWDIES with the bat 240,31146,350,000 
26-01-2020Mitch LeeROWDIES with the batPhill Amazers 13,8912,160,000 
23-01-2020Sushant NathanROWDIES with the batWorld pradise 361,60581,641,000 
22-01-2020Kabir ShahROWDIES with the batMumbai Indian Cricket Club 345,68374,151,100 
12-01-2020Gangadutt GuptaAaaarCcccBbbbROWDIES with the bat 288,54263,071,800 
10-01-2020Prashanth GuptaROWDIES with the batThoothukudi veerans 12,6432,390,000 
05-01-2020Trilok PitaleROWDIES with the batKeerthi Sree 12,1262,142,400 
01-01-2020Steven HewettROWDIES with the batAssKickers X1 297,692115,555,555 
26-12-2019Arthur JarmanROWDIES with the batHasan Xi k99ya 215,40761,800,000 
22-12-2019Binod BorgohainROWDIES with the batTeja Reapers 12,1912,575,000 
20-12-2019Sushant NathanSmith XI 9598ROWDIES with the bat 418,64465,672,400 
17-12-2019Kabir ShahBensBeesROWDIES with the bat 381,36245,003,200 
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