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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 261-280 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-10-2017David BoltonAfghan winnersROWDIES with the bat 22,6344,000,000 
24-10-2017Mradul KhareROWDIES with the batMadurai Super Kings MSK 11,8031,185,000 
18-10-2017Lionel MessiROWDIES with the batUp down together up down 10 21,4315,999,999 
17-10-2017Lionel MessiROWDIES with the batROWDIES with the bat 21,4312,588,500 
05-10-2017Snehith DalalROWDIES with the batSeventteth Sharks 17,3232,045,000 
04-10-2017Sajal KarrROWDIES with the batHimangshu Hifliers 9,712528,000 
30-09-2017Sourav KhandelwalROWDIES with the batTeam Badshah 17,0053,143,600 
27-09-2017Cameron WadeROWDIES with the batBERLITZ 11 20,8437,000,000 
25-09-2017Somal BaghelROWDIES with the batBengal Dodgers 13,681365,700 
19-09-2017Kudzai MadzivaROWDIES with the batRoyal Dreamz 24,9278,181,400 
31-08-2017Evan VogelROWDIES with the batWill Miss U at the Helm Mahi 20,86322,415,500 
29-08-2017Shubhansh JoshiROWDIES with the batSpaldings 6376 16,5722,388,600 
24-08-2017Cameron Wadedwarf predatorsROWDIES with the bat 19,684825,000 
18-08-2017Kudzai MadzivaGlimpse of SpyderROWDIES with the bat 21,0894,919,800 
07-08-2017Ignatius AgalawatteROWDIES with the batFrans Flaunters 18,9463,053,600 
03-08-2017Stephen AckermannROWDIES with the batDeactivated team 20,3056,285,800 
02-08-2017Uthej WadhvaniROWDIES with the batHamzah Highlanders 16,1312,550,000 
27-07-2017Meyrick StreunROWDIES with the batChennai Supers King 3,37910,000 
27-07-2017Calvin RamadhinROWDIES with the batThe Himalayan Warriors 13,401763,800 
27-07-2017Chittaswarup VaidyanROWDIES with the batJR Stallions 14,7281,250,000 
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