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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 241-260 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-11-2017Maximilian WyattROWDIES with the batJainam Jumbos 22,1192,769,700 
14-11-2017Sachin ArunROWDIES with the batSmarty Xl 6540 19,560860,600 
11-11-2017Ian LutuliSmart Slingers 6956ROWDIES with the bat 13,152605,000 
10-11-2017Tahir SajjadDhaka elevenROWDIES with the bat 17,458630,000 
09-11-2017Edward WilesVineeth VegansROWDIES with the bat 14,618645,000 
09-11-2017Chaminda AchinthaChennai city XIROWDIES with the bat 15,930669,500 
08-11-2017Stephen BaptistVengat VoxROWDIES with the bat 14,645600,000 
08-11-2017Patrick JarvisChennai Super Kings 400ROWDIES with the bat 14,810635,000 
07-11-2017Mujahid KakazaiMahveenROWDIES with the bat 15,332901,800 
07-11-2017Gilbert Ebertsunny teamROWDIES with the bat 17,265602,600 
07-11-2017Rick CareyAnkit WarriorROWDIES with the bat 14,173635,000 
06-11-2017David BoltonROWDIES with the batPramod's Warriors 25,32015,555,555 
06-11-2017Ridley OutridgeTeam XIROWDIES with the bat 16,918665,000 
06-11-2017Mohammad KoraiTwisted BlistersROWDIES with the bat 15,754560,000 
06-11-2017Stan BackhouseHaryana Hurricanes 3824ROWDIES with the bat 18,178665,000 
05-11-2017Carl BelloMelbourne Stars 4357ROWDIES with the bat 13,244695,000 
05-11-2017Tony MousaviHarshitha HellbreakersROWDIES with the bat 16,752575,000 
05-11-2017Sagar GuravIndian compROWDIES with the bat 19,1162,492,600 
03-11-2017Aiden MarkramTrollerROWDIES with the bat 18,7343,194,400 
31-10-2017Dickon CalawayROWDIES with the batAll Stars Xl 15,240999,999 
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