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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 221-240 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-12-2017Chaminda AchinthaROWDIES with the batILLuminatis 15,9301,855,100 
09-12-2017Patrick JarvisROWDIES with the batDeactivated team 14,8102,013,100 
09-12-2017Stephen BaptistROWDIES with the batDeactivated team 14,6451,444,444 
09-12-2017Thala MsdSeattle SeahawksROWDIES with the bat 106,68964,508,400 
08-12-2017Carl BelloROWDIES with the batRadical Cc 13,2441,650,400 
08-12-2017Rick CareyROWDIES with the batHunter Leopard 14,1732,255,700 
08-12-2017Mujahid KakazaiROWDIES with the batVK Dhoni 15,3321,949,999 
07-12-2017Ridley OutridgeROWDIES with the batRising Rattlesnakes 2972 16,9181,599,999 
06-12-2017Stan BackhouseROWDIES with the batLife City 18,1781,768,300 
03-12-2017Jagat GovindasamiROWDIES with the batBengal 101 14,1582,999,999 
02-12-2017Sagar GuravROWDIES with the batNavySpiders 21,75524,374,000 
01-12-2017Ayush SinghROWDIES with the batKING'S 11 PUNJAB 17,5824,444,444 
16-11-2017Anthony Bradburyburhan hitwicketROWDIES with the bat 2,4645,000 
16-11-2017Sartaj RiponBd Bulls 3805ROWDIES with the bat 1,8825,000 
15-11-2017Deepankar Bakshikopai bulet kingsROWDIES with the bat 2,6835,200 
14-11-2017Austen BaldwinROWDIES with the batNafis Nerds 2268 19,7432,120,400 
14-11-2017Akshay PulickalJithindev XIROWDIES with the bat 6,4395,000 
14-11-2017Mayang AnureddyROWDIES with the batMsdhoni 18,7511,673,400 
14-11-2017James ButlerROWDIES with the batMatt Masters 20,3633,261,400 
14-11-2017Hasibul BabbageROWDIES with the batChakwal Champions 22,9311,024,900 
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