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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 201-220 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-01-2018Raj BhoiteDeactivated teamROWDIES with the bat 203,13995,686,300 
25-01-2018Sultana IslamDrinkdeepROWDIES with the bat 131,25350,415,900 
17-01-2018Vrijendra BitkeROWDIES with the batHaryana 9022 29,6104,275,500 
31-12-2017Chandika JayawardaneTEAM ATULYAROWDIES with the bat 123,07952,602,100 
30-12-2017Gunasiri LakmalDeactivated teamROWDIES with the bat 227,50737,160,900 
30-12-2017Sanjeewa SenanayakeSUPER MYSTERIOUS SQUADROWDIES with the bat 79,86215,851,700 
29-12-2017Guy Silvahaunting lionsROWDIES with the bat 87,88250,821,300 
25-12-2017Asker KaluwitharanaUnpredictable XIROWDIES with the bat 108,92452,530,000 
24-12-2017Indunil Mendisidiots 11ROWDIES with the bat 203,72769,000,000 
24-12-2017Dougie Percyidiots 11ROWDIES with the bat 212,60670,000,000 
21-12-2017Kanak ChandraTeam InvincibleROWDIES with the bat 228,32466,084,700 
20-12-2017Harsha StarkBengaalROWDIES with the bat 209,13651,500,000 
14-12-2017Ian LutuliROWDIES with the batSoura Stunners 13,1521,399,999 
12-12-2017Mohammad KoraiROWDIES with the batSKTN Panthers 15,7541,399,999 
12-12-2017Gokul MinhasROWDIES with the batNepal11 14,5291,990,000 
11-12-2017Tahir SajjadROWDIES with the batAamir Attackers 17,4584,169,400 
11-12-2017Aiden MarkramROWDIES with the batRED ANTS 22,59815,311,000 
10-12-2017Tony MousaviROWDIES with the batLUKKY 11 16,7521,399,999 
10-12-2017Gilbert EbertROWDIES with the batFateh Thunder's 17,2651,399,999 
10-12-2017Edward WilesROWDIES with the batCubbyhole Cobras 14,6182,424,700 
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