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Transfer History

Players bought: 851
Players sold: 957
Total purchases: Rs 10,459,090,930
Total sales: Rs 13,090,129,273
Displaying 1-20 of 1784 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-09-2020Pulkit MaruROWDIES with the batBrain XI 14,1152,358,700 
01-09-2020Harender KhatkarROWDIES with the batKartik Kings 389 13,5431,999,999 
08-08-2020Pranab PoojariSunrisers HyderabadsROWDIES with the bat 240,38047,907,200 
07-08-2020Chandrashekhar SaxenaROWDIES with the batDark Magicians 14,3092,590,000 
23-07-2020Freddie BairstowBunny challengersROWDIES with the bat 334,838165,038,400 
14-07-2020Rohin GujralROWDIES with the batstar of Kerala 220,94845,008,200 
08-07-2020Chirakumar BordoloiROWDIES with the batInnovative Indian 205,26349,999,999 
03-07-2020Abhoy BaruahROWDIES with the batWinger 13,1282,530,000 
27-06-2020Deb PatelROWDIES with the batFantastic Club XI 12,3832,110,000 
18-06-2020Tajinder ChhatreROWDIES with the batDeactivated team 12,2602,630,000 
04-05-2020Baird BrittonROWDIES with the batAJS SPIN KINGS 12,4852,530,000 
25-04-2020Jahanara KhanSanjay Superheroes 5058ROWDIES with the bat 214,59840,000,000 
03-04-2020Prakash PawriyaROWDIES with the batHonnavar Rockers 13,3902,726,600 
02-04-2020Chirakumar BordoloiGlaxy Blue StarROWDIES with the bat 205,26340,662,000 
02-04-2020Sudhir BishtROWDIES with the batShahin's Sixxers 13,8372,666,666 
26-03-2020Shubhansh KhareROWDIES with the batAuckland Whales 12,4452,110,000 
22-03-2020Upul JayasekeraROWDIES with the batNever Give Up 7959 279,000145,555,555 
22-03-2020Gilbert OxleyROWDIES with the batiamkohli 336,78068,612,400 
21-03-2020Fahim AkbariROWDIES with the batWorld pradise 212,85139,999,999 
17-03-2020Aziz NadeemROWDIES with the batMelbourne stars 8005 22,3329,070,000 
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