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Transfer History

Players bought: 136
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 1,476,306,200
Total sales: Rs 1,879,796,707
Displaying 141-160 of 258 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
05-11-2016Todd SmithDeepak Patil XIBig Test Icicles 13,60110,200 
05-11-2016Sudhendra RaoDeepak Patil XIBig Test Icicles 11,99610,200 
05-11-2016Husain NandaDeepak Patil XIBig Test Icicles 8,86710,200 
05-11-2016Aneesh JoshiChhattisgarh TigerBig Test Icicles 6,260400,000 
05-11-2016Nasir NadeemGokou GhostridersBig Test Icicles 13,719100,000 
05-11-2016Russell LavarackSivarShootersBig Test Icicles 13,159100,000 
04-11-2016Myron LeeSrikanth SlambangersBig Test Icicles 9,61510,000 
04-11-2016Joshua VaughanbabyfranchiseBig Test Icicles 10,601100,000 
30-10-2016Ankit AgarwalMAJESTIC X1Big Test Icicles 20,1149,142,900 
26-10-2016Girish ValiathanBig Test IciclesThe Pc Stars 26,30411,220,000 
01-10-2016Bradley DoullBig Test IciclesYoungster Club 43,76838,790,300 
29-09-2016Girish ValiathanAvittathur VeeranzBig Test Icicles 20,9002,040,000 
07-09-2016Asela PrasadBig Test IciclesSharp Shooter 3778 44,65416,729,100 
22-08-2016Anish GadkariBig Test IciclesBUSH RANGERS 2850 16,4364,896,000 
21-07-2016Divakar KhetreBig Test IciclesDeactivated team 17,0413,650,000 
04-07-2016Suhail LehriBig Test IciclesEngland blasters 35,7727,170,900 
24-06-2016Bradley Doullsachin bunnyBig Test Icicles 20,1984,000,000 
21-06-2016Vimal GuptaBig Test IciclesRisingStars 11 42,09830,406,700 
17-06-2016Anirudh RanwareBig Test IciclesThe CSK XI 18,9944,183,200 
09-06-2016Somesh SinghBig Test IciclesUNITED XII 16,1964,000,000 
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