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Transfer History

Players bought: 136
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 1,476,306,200
Total sales: Rs 1,879,796,707
Displaying 81-100 of 258 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-04-2017Amar SaxenaBig Test IciclesJustlive XI 55,78539,000,000 
08-04-2017Suraj SachdevaSanghar KnightsBig Test Icicles 23,00029,877,700 
08-04-2017Deepankar KotokiAbdul890 XIBig Test Icicles 20,43211,924,200 
08-04-2017Arthur PercyBig Test IciclesAngry birds 67,90450,000,000 
08-04-2017Brenden HoggBig Test IciclesRao's Hunters 60,55447,754,400 
06-04-2017Owen DarwinHrudwik XIBig Test Icicles 16,9805,666,700 
06-04-2017Jeevan PuthranKani WarriorsBig Test Icicles 18,01616,561,400 
02-04-2017Sanjay Goyalgurgaon jaatsBig Test Icicles 134,15773,200,800 
27-03-2017Samarth PatsariyaBig Test IciclesHISTORY CREATOR 140,29846,371,600 
27-03-2017Callum HoareBig Test IciclesBanded Queen 124,19041,616,000 
16-03-2017Ryan WhitakerBig Test Iciclesjunaid khanx 18,5753,355,800 
13-03-2017Gilbert BriggsEdgeley XIBig Test Icicles 37,0188,171,700 
06-03-2017Aravind MoitraKISHEN CCBig Test Icicles 155,90561,129,800 
04-03-2017Ronald MillerINDIAN CRICKET TEAMBig Test Icicles 21,3261,239,000 
04-03-2017Zamaan AlamUnited NationBig Test Icicles 20,1392,122,500 
02-03-2017Charles EllisDeactivated teamBig Test Icicles 50,2748,323,200 
01-03-2017Amar SaxenaBattleStar GalacticaBig Test Icicles 51,34941,100,000 
28-02-2017Arthur PercyPunter's StrikerzzzBig Test Icicles 63,60644,619,300 
27-02-2017Kausar RajmurtiBig Test IciclesJANASRI TIGERS 40,30536,845,100 
27-02-2017Gerald JuddBig Test IciclesBhokali Bhaiyas 38,48429,720,100 
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