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Transfer History

Players bought: 136
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 1,476,306,200
Total sales: Rs 1,879,796,707
Displaying 61-80 of 258 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
28-06-2017Floyd FinschBlaze King'sBig Test Icicles 17,2315,000,000 
17-06-2017Grant PearceBandit GurusBig Test Icicles 94,24927,585,000 
15-06-2017Haidar AkramHarsh XI SwordsmanBig Test Icicles 54,74817,221,600 
12-05-2017Ahendra ChhangteFirE WInGs'''MkBig Test Icicles 17,4533,621,000 
12-05-2017Steve ClarkeDupen XIBig Test Icicles 21,9171,054,800 
11-05-2017Chandrashekar PanditSunrisers SouravBig Test Icicles 21,8002,252,500 
11-05-2017Naman EnugantiTaran XIBig Test Icicles 16,0593,707,600 
11-05-2017Arnav SanghaviGauti GamblerBig Test Icicles 16,9803,021,000 
11-05-2017Rubel AliGlynn DragonsBig Test Icicles 17,8442,600,000 
11-05-2017Kiran Kohli11 star boysBig Test Icicles 15,6983,171,200 
11-05-2017Colin SmailArpit's WarriorsBig Test Icicles 25,6643,570,000 
11-05-2017Deion SimmonsDeactivated teamBig Test Icicles 15,6003,060,000 
10-05-2017Paddy DayGujarat GarviBig Test Icicles 13,084860,000 
10-05-2017Jazib Anwarpakistan 2Big Test Icicles 17,5973,881,600 
28-04-2017Vijaykumar ShuklaBig Test IciclesBlazing razors 17,5614,775,500 
23-04-2017Nathan Nonadelhi specialBig Test Icicles 149,84035,083,300 
23-04-2017Viswanath LodhiRaja S diamondsBig Test Icicles 28,6277,460,700 
21-04-2017Paddy McCannSherLock XIBig Test Icicles 40,9248,615,400 
17-04-2017Andrew JoyceHell on HeelsBig Test Icicles 22,7343,570,000 
10-04-2017Robert TaylorDIPSBig Test Icicles 20,8642,208,300 
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