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Transfer History

Players bought: 136
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 1,476,306,200
Total sales: Rs 1,879,796,707
Displaying 241-258 of 258 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-10-2015Frederick BackhouseBig Test IciclesYogBha's SparTans 4,434110,000 
14-08-2015Gunjan SinghBig Test IciclesDeactivated team 19,824301,800 
04-08-2015Utpal AcharyaBig Test Iciclesindia vicks 11,334110,000 
15-07-2015Chandrachood PitaleBig Test IciclesBALL BUSTERS XI 3,66810,000 
15-07-2015Edward BrownBig Test IciclesBALL BUSTERS XI 13,16530,000 
11-07-2015Prateek GoelBig Test IciclesKNIGHT OF NIGHTS 11,061199,999 
11-07-2015Ankur KhullemBig Test IciclesKerala Blasters XI 13,327100,000 
09-07-2015Lahiru ChamikaThe Real GundaBig Test Icicles 15,27490,000 
02-07-2015Edward BrownweRwinnersBig Test Icicles 13,16515,000 
02-07-2015Bruce WarehamDeactivated teamBig Test Icicles 6,11615,000 
01-07-2015Rohil SinghInsane HeroesBig Test Icicles 10,082100,000 
01-07-2015Ankur KhullemShayonangpBig Test Icicles 13,32715,000 
30-06-2015Anand AlluriWarangal kingsBig Test Icicles 10,193520,000 
30-06-2015Farooq IlderimUkhra TigerBig Test Icicles 3,216125,000 
29-06-2015Sukhendu GoelSwarnendu WarriorsBig Test Icicles 6,678300,000 
29-06-2015Baldev JainCrazy ChallengersBig Test Icicles 19,9202,000,000 
29-06-2015Shane ZoxGAURISH INDIANSBig Test Icicles 9,294100,000 
27-06-2015Shokat HafeezRocking IndianBig Test Icicles 5,019102,000 
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