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Transfer History

Players bought: 136
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 1,476,306,200
Total sales: Rs 1,879,796,707
Displaying 1-20 of 258 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-04-2018Erik JarvisBig Test IciclesKort Runners 198,498165,000,000 
24-03-2018Sridhar NagwaniBig Test IciclesUNPLAYABLE ELEVEN 143,32260,000,000 
30-01-2018Amresh BhoteBig Test IciclesRookie of the Year 23,4936,955,700 
29-01-2018Ajitaab YadallaLightning StrikeBig Test Icicles 101,14145,000,000 
18-01-2018Alex CarterBig Test IciclesEvolution'1997 113,47638,256,100 
18-01-2018Sridhar NagwaniAshishmittal AcesBig Test Icicles 143,32257,000,000 
16-01-2018Soummya AliDARSHAN X3 LIFELINEBig Test Icicles 119,48178,000,000 
30-12-2017Nayan ChaturvediBig Test Icicleschennai legends XI 54,59623,567,500 
23-12-2017Alex CarterPesadillaBig Test Icicles 112,78541,932,700 
18-12-2017Viswanath LodhiBig Test IciclesPav Pitchers 29,5713,376,600 
11-12-2017Inzamam MohammadBig Test IciclesComilla Rhinos 154,09041,792,000 
09-12-2017Nikash BinnsArmy of LegendsBig Test Icicles 55,32015,450,000 
08-12-2017Amresh BhoteRAVAGEBig Test Icicles 23,49317,450,000 
24-11-2017Tom RoyBig Test IciclesFight Firsttimers 37,5583,924,900 
24-11-2017Paddy McCannBig Test IciclesLong Hop XI 41,9367,895,700 
24-11-2017Nuha KulasekaraBig Test IciclesNoakhali Hurricanes 35,9863,564,000 
24-11-2017Laurence CalawayDARSHAN X3 LIFELINEBig Test Icicles 16,0331,290,000 
20-11-2017Mohan MukhopadhyayBig Test IciclesSMASHERS CC XI 154,44217,763,600 
09-11-2017Manoj VimukthiBig Test IciclesVarunkumar XI 118,35019,001,900 
04-11-2017Inzamam MohammadPesadillaBig Test Icicles 145,89052,900,000 
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