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Transfer History

Players bought: 26
Players sold: 64
Total purchases: Rs 307,238,000
Total sales: Rs 262,923,000
Displaying 1-20 of 90 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-08-2018Edward TovellWe are CSKDIRE WOLVE 59,2929,224,400 
10-08-2018Jayjit DuaKirklingtonWe are CSK 17,63615,000,000 
09-08-2018Jason PollardWe are CSKMannargudi Mafia 132,33718,959,600 
06-08-2018Tanuj JainDeactivated teamWe are CSK 34,23921,000,000 
25-07-2018Brian WebbWe are CSKRoyal Challengers Indian XI 68,9719,676,300 
22-07-2018Keegan MooreRathaavara XIWe are CSK 28,74113,360,000 
24-06-2018Chandrashekhar KumarWe are CSKBhubaneswar Daredevils 91,59714,961,600 
21-06-2018Edwin RampaulRoyal Challengers 5016We are CSK 24,25910,973,900 
21-05-2018Chris NibbiWe are CSKLions XI 5370 79,95420,250,500 
18-05-2018Albert McBrineRajShakti Cricket ClubWe are CSK 42,81825,060,000 
19-04-2018Norman DarvallWe are CSKSuper Smashers 1263 76,40611,697,800 
16-04-2018Jeremiah ChapunguSgm SpartansWe are CSK 45,23611,783,200 
19-03-2018Dinesh BhattWe are CSKThe Storm Riders 13,4861,591,400 
16-03-2018Gerhard WadsworthAsh galidatorsWe are CSK 37,11814,000,000 
01-03-2018Javed AliWe are CSKSoham solides 75,11414,284,800 
08-01-2018Gilbert CaronWe are CSKChittagong Comets 60,3609,770,900 
05-01-2018Raghuveer DarbhaVipul Vipers 4790We are CSK 60,63841,035,200 
04-01-2018Amareswar PolisettyWe are CSKSUSHANTA love LJ 59,50910,996,700 
16-11-2017Kerry TovellWe are CSKDhillon Daredevils 9046 20,5301,324,700 
28-09-2017Noor KhanWe are CSKBengluru Bulls 3410 16,5754,414,600 
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