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Transfer History

Players bought: 18
Players sold: 15
Total purchases: Rs 42,958,728
Total sales: Rs 49,144,700
Displaying 1-20 of 33 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-01-2016Rohan RathoreBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABADpatt avengers 56,7646,128,000 
31-12-2015Amar Bhagavatulafin308564302258BLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 11,9452,500,000 
23-12-2015Darren BuddDEVIL's AttorneyBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 11,0191,938,000 
22-12-2015Andrew FosdykeBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABADDeactivated team 10,439105,200 
21-12-2015Muhammed AlviBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABADDeactivated team 20,6056,120,000 
18-12-2015Dabeet PalLiluah ChampionsBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 13,3535,828,000 
17-12-2015Andrew FosdykeKapooorhimanshu XIBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 10,4391,009,800 
14-12-2015Rohan RathoreThe HellBreakersBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 60,1187,428,500 
13-12-2015Rakshit RajaBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD11 MSDIANS 22,9637,730,000 
21-11-2015Simon CaddickBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABADSaket Scorpios 31,0673,552,400 
15-11-2015Graham BadhamTwisting TurnersBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 30,0653,682,500 
11-11-2015Imran RajputBalls of Fire2BLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 15,4972,122,500 
08-11-2015Daud HussainBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABADBcpradhan7 XI 15,3764,200,500 
08-11-2015Ashan PavithraBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABADDeactivated team 11,1011,299,000 
05-11-2015Daud HussainCompletely incompleteBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 15,3762,390,500 
05-11-2015Ashan PavithraShakib 11BLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 11,1011,499,999 
05-11-2015Rakshit RajaKodadKnightsBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 16,1622,252,500 
03-11-2015George GibsonBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABADBay Storm XI 28,4821,373,600 
03-11-2015Manender RanaBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABADSouth paws 23,3007,464,200 
22-10-2015Manender RanaDivine WarriorsBLUE CROSS OF HYDERABAD 19,9392,208,300 
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