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Transfer History

Players bought: 192
Players sold: 187
Total purchases: Rs 1,412,000,700
Total sales: Rs 1,430,267,348
Displaying 1-20 of 378 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-02-2019Faf BoucherDEVIL'S of kanyakumariGod's own country 74,4077,040,000 
07-02-2019Nic MahlanguDillionsGod's own country 97,16120,892,800 
06-02-2019Dumis MereGarda Macha DebGod's own country 81,29920,640,000 
27-03-2018Ramandeep KapoorGod's own countryPhoenix Riding 7,16360,000 
27-03-2018Maniraj SinghGod's own countryIce Cubes 7,404100,000 
26-03-2018Myron HillThe MCFGod's own country 29,3712,550,000 
26-03-2018Hugh WilliamsVgr VictoryGod's own country 38,1583,700,000 
26-03-2018Abhishek MominVgr VictoryGod's own country 21,8392,210,000 
26-03-2018Bijit BoroPearl 6880God's own country 19,7912,451,400 
02-02-2018Abhinava BhattDeactivated teamGod's own country 60,04362,540,100 
01-02-2018Andy InwoodDeactivated teamGod's own country 49,16339,020,000 
01-02-2018Aidan CullinanDeactivated teamGod's own country 48,64054,486,000 
31-01-2018Joe CallenderGod's own countryAarohi 30,06017,841,500 
31-01-2018Matt OwenGod's own countryCF XI 36,84430,505,000 
31-01-2018Rohit JoyGod's own countryAssKickers X1 27,40623,270,000 
31-01-2018Bhaargav ChandamallaGod's own countryLunatic Assassin's 26,40625,410,000 
31-01-2018George RamaorayDeactivated teamGod's own country 36,99745,200,600 
29-01-2018Austin CunhaDeactivated teamGod's own country 33,97325,020,000 
29-01-2018Neil MoutonDeactivated teamGod's own country 38,57846,545,700 
29-01-2018Matt OwenDeactivated teamGod's own country 36,84439,404,200 
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