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Transfer History

Players bought: 149
Players sold: 141
Total purchases: Rs 372,596,683
Total sales: Rs 405,654,915
Displaying 1-20 of 290 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-08-2020Jagath RajmurtiSuper Indian Warriorsindia s pvr 16,0871,800,000 
24-08-2020Connor SepengPeaky Blinder's 11india s pvr 21,7937,210,000 
23-08-2020Lakshmidhar Konwarindia s pvrhall of famers pvr 33,83213,000,000 
23-08-2020Shaun Fishbournesouth african pvrsindia s pvr 13,2741,545,000 
23-08-2020Haidar Alihall of famers pvrindia s pvr 12,5731,100,000 
23-08-2020Chamath Amaliindia s pvrwest indies pvr 147,74114,653,600 
22-08-2020Kyan WilfRising Super Starsindia s pvr 13,3093,862,500 
22-08-2020mubharak Baalansouth african pvrsindia s pvr 25,7977,300,000 
22-08-2020Arthur Smyrkindia s pvrhall of famers pvr 18,8322,500,000 
22-08-2020Aakash Kelyawest indies pvrindia s pvr 40,32512,095,800 
22-08-2020Jonaraaja Bhattwest indies pvrindia s pvr 36,3946,395,600 
21-08-2020Binod Maharjanindia s pvrhall of famers pvr 43,5441,900,000 
21-08-2020Utpal Guptahall of famers pvrindia s pvr 28,51110,348,700 
21-08-2020Alex Katichhall of famers pvrindia s pvr 54,42211,550,000 
21-08-2020Abhishek Guptahall of famers pvrindia s pvr 24,8276,334,500 
21-08-2020Reynold Louzadohall of famers pvrindia s pvr 16,9641,400,000 
31-07-2020Chayan Singhindia s pvrhall of famers pvr 163,46510,000,000 
29-07-2020Chintan Hmarchaphanghall of famers pvrindia s pvr 43,3004,580,000 
24-07-2020Javed Qaziindia s pvrsouth african pvrs 70,8428,000,000 
13-07-2020Mike Harrisindia s pvrHoddyiitedyo497846863368ufodyo 28,2955,047,000 
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