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Transfer History

Players bought: 82
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 806,705,707
Total sales: Rs 972,572,043
Displaying 41-60 of 203 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-08-2017Clarence SiddleAcostiCz SA X1Likhon Kxp 18,3904,676,900 
06-08-2017Duma SlitsMughal DynastyAcostiCz SA X1 143,56526,083,900 
02-08-2017Ninad GogateAcostiCz SA X1Spin Champs 52,5828,000,600 
14-05-2017Bilal KamdarAcostiCz SA X1Heartbreaker club 63,6687,685,900 
09-04-2017Ninad GogateLions AdvancersAcostiCz SA X1 66,69613,371,300 
28-03-2017Michael WatsonAcostiCz SA X1Corio Controllers 16,2473,730,700 
11-03-2017Xavier TovellAcostiCz SA X1Uchicha11 24,03912,484,800 
26-02-2017Bilal KamdarDeactivated teamAcostiCz SA X1 89,2468,734,200 
23-02-2017Biswajit JainAcostiCz SA X1Deactivated team 19,4204,865,433 
08-02-2017Ned DaleAcostiCz SA X1Silent Assassins 8419 21,2462,599,800 
17-12-2016Khan Sharjeellocal boys XiAcostiCz SA X1 41,10836,700,900 
04-12-2016Brad FaulknerAcostiCz SA X1Airavata Phoenix 35,93514,000,000 
01-12-2016Aritra GorawarAcostiCz SA X1Deactivated team 17,5213,000,000 
21-11-2016Yashwant AchariAcostiCz SA X1Broke's Cowboys 22,0781,690,000 
28-10-2016Meghdutt AnthonyAcostiCz SA X1Lincoln 11 20,6331,600,000 
27-09-2016Steve SmithDistrict Knights CCAcostiCz SA X1 59,31551,956,800 
27-09-2016Joshua WatsonAcostiCz SA X1Viratians XI 33,42917,139,500 
27-09-2016Mike MortonAcostiCz SA X1Jaipur Pink Panthers 3494 24,0891,591,900 
22-09-2016Harshal NadarajahSilent Assassin ReturnsAcostiCz SA X1 10,644200,000 
14-09-2016Idris BalochAcostiCz SA X1Neerajvalecha 70,82723,654,900 
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