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Transfer History

Players bought: 135
Players sold: 160
Total purchases: Rs 1,009,924,500
Total sales: Rs 1,264,985,580
Displaying 1-20 of 284 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-09-2017Fakhruddin MalikAbdul Haseeb XIHaseeb XI Team 27,01023,339,800 
31-08-2017Sulieman ChattergoonAbdul Haseeb XIHaseeb XI Team 15,8635,665,000 
30-08-2017Asanka MaharoofHaseeb XI TeamThe Master Batters 2145 154,93878,944,800 
23-08-2017Nathan WardillHaseeb XI TeamLIONS' PRIDE 25,51110,000,000 
19-08-2017Nathan WardillAbdul Haseeb XIHaseeb XI Team 25,51113,000,000 
15-08-2017Reginald DashHaseeb XI TeamHARD WORKERS 25,7055,749,400 
15-08-2017Dave LeeHaseeb XI TeamAbdul Haseeb XI 26,1203,000,000 
15-08-2017Nathan WardillHaseeb XI TeamAbdul Haseeb XI 23,2325,581,900 
12-08-2017Reginald DashHaseeb XI TeamHaseeb XI Team 23,5505,921,900 
12-08-2017Nathan WardillHaseeb XI TeamHaseeb XI Team 23,2325,921,900 
12-08-2017Anupam TararHaseeb XI TeamDanger Tigers 27,4848,265,400 
09-08-2017Dave LeeHaseeb XI TeamHaseeb XI Team 23,8754,406,100 
09-08-2017Reginald DashHaseeb XI TeamHaseeb XI Team 23,5506,665,300 
09-08-2017Nathan WardillGraveyard DiggersHaseeb XI Team 23,2324,178,900 
03-08-2017Dave LeeQUETTA kingHaseeb XI Team 23,8753,700,000 
03-08-2017Reginald DashLxG11Haseeb XI Team 23,5506,404,200 
12-07-2017Bipin ChaturvediHaseeb XI TeamTOP GUNS 4791 23,0936,094,100 
11-07-2017Gayan AnupamaHaseeb XI Teamnawab united 25,92616,407,600 
11-07-2017Ian JacksonHaseeb XI Team7 Sinners 25,78010,200,000 
10-07-2017Asanka MaharoofHaseeb XI TeamHaseeb XI Team 148,98164,191,400 
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