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Transfer History

Players bought: 43
Players sold: 46
Total purchases: Rs 223,040,700
Total sales: Rs 54,549,290
Displaying 1-20 of 89 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-05-2017Lasit MalingaThe Storm RidersThe Wolf Pack 130,80655,000,000 
19-06-2016Daud AliThe Wolf PackDeactivated team 37,5123,063,700 
28-05-2016Mehul Bapatgray matterThe Wolf Pack 40,66830,600,000 
14-05-2016Sapumal MathewsThe Wolf PackDeactivated team 40,5811,000,000 
01-05-2016Ruthvik AggarwalThe Wolf PackGhost Riders 69 24,5358,041,000 
15-04-2016Lekhalokabhiram BommanaboyenaDeactivated teamThe Wolf Pack 42,1476,170,000 
29-03-2016Abhishek PoddarThe Wolf PackGlass Breakers 20,6412,122,500 
29-03-2016Rishav BorkakotiThe Wolf PackNyemkhan Neros 32,8862,826,900 
29-03-2016Mansoor SajjadThe Wolf PackAbhirajc Avengers 28,4451,689,100 
26-03-2016Sachin KumarChennayin XI TeamThe Wolf Pack 34,58621,512,100 
19-02-2016Shivam DeyThe Wolf PackRITAM'S RAZORS 18,7144,939,000 
19-02-2016Harish NaiduThe Wolf PackUjju Maxxers 23,1391,600,000 
21-01-2016Showkatur HaiderGONY GANGSThe Wolf Pack 30,2919,363,600 
16-01-2016Agha KhanumThe Wolf PackDeactivated team 23,7382,653,100 
05-01-2016Larry MsimangKarachi Royal KingsThe Wolf Pack 25,6088,323,200 
16-11-2015Abhishek Goelwarriors indiaThe Wolf Pack 29,22713,195,500 
31-10-2015Abhishek UnniThe Wolf PackDeactivated team 18,4081,591,900 
31-10-2015Kaushik GorthiThe Wolf PackGujarat Maher Tigers 23,5363,060,000 
30-10-2015Lokabhiram YadavDeactivated teamThe Wolf Pack 40,08919,302,100 
24-10-2015Baalagopaal MohammedThe Wolf PackDeactivated team 16,3081,082,900 
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