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Transfer History

Players bought: 47
Players sold: 40
Total purchases: Rs 193,512,052
Total sales: Rs 153,365,740
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-01-2020Sushant AchantaIndian PowerHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 9,9951,000,000 
07-01-2020Sumit LodhiIndian PowerHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 12,5803,500,000 
20-12-2019Ankur RoopchandkaINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 11,7063,300,000 
01-12-2019Jayanshu AbhiramINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 11,9743,600,000 
09-11-2019Shams BahadurINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 142,08334,500,000 
09-11-2019Victor CantwellHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERSLeague of Roadrunners 22,33311,050,000 
09-11-2019Pranhas LakhotiaHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERSLeague of Roadrunners 30,15514,000,000 
07-11-2019Ali AlamHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERSIndian Power 39,5484,000,000 
26-10-2019Nirav PoddarINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 12,1204,320,000 
23-10-2019Sajil ShergillINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 11,2874,000,000 
23-10-2019Nuwan ChamodiINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 12,5444,006,000 
23-10-2019Amresh AsraniINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 13,9853,000,000 
23-10-2019Rajeeb KhetanHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERSTeam Survivor 37,56110,550,000 
21-10-2019Apoorv DattaHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERSPhenix 55,07010,200,000 
19-10-2019Victor CantwellINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 18,74216,650,000 
19-10-2019Sultan KambojINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 12,9672,790,000 
19-10-2019Aarun AgarwalHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERSShankwali Tigers 93,33619,107,200 
15-10-2019Azhar AnsariINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 18,1085,080,000 
15-10-2019Manan BaskaranINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 29,4601,960,000 
06-08-2019Anshuman MantriINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 11,9292,080,000 
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