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Transfer History

Players bought: 31
Players sold: 22
Total purchases: Rs 240,058,800
Total sales: Rs 18,484,700
Displaying 1-20 of 53 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-10-2018Satjeevan DeolNayak Sports AcademyTornedo 8878 11,8661,120,000 
25-10-2018Varun SomnathHannah HarassersNayak Sports Academy 19,0167,760,000 
16-10-2018Austen HoggNayak Sports AcademyMy Mammoths 19,5111,323,600 
24-09-2018Surendhar NayakSwapnil SpidersNayak Sports Academy 66,6657,675,200 
28-08-2018Nishant SuriMaster Blaster'sNayak Sports Academy 55,7545,770,000 
10-07-2018Dhiraj TarafdarHowzaaatNayak Sports Academy 118,95330,900,000 
09-07-2018Jamshed ShahnawazCG MammothsNayak Sports Academy 28,9166,370,000 
07-07-2018Japleen SinghNayak Sports AcademyRobin emperors 34,378550,000 
06-07-2018Deepesh BhattacharyaThe Spin AttackNayak Sports Academy 28,2557,360,000 
04-07-2018Saurabh HaokipEaglee ClubNayak Sports Academy 52,53237,950,000 
02-07-2018Sankuku SharmaFREAKS ND FAGGOTSNayak Sports Academy 11,3312,060,000 
02-07-2018Stephen JoplinMilap HawksNayak Sports Academy 11,2231,980,000 
01-07-2018Vishnu BorahKhulna Supper KingsNayak Sports Academy 23,0749,050,000 
01-07-2018Saurav SinghNayak Sports Academydk chennai 77,5968,523,400 
01-11-2016Roderick InwoodRohitparasar RulersNayak Sports Academy 37,0666,866,700 
26-10-2016Auburn WatkinCSK BouncersNayak Sports Academy 21,6251,000,000 
26-10-2016Pratik SinghFarook AmazersNayak Sports Academy 20,59210,000,000 
26-10-2016Henry EddyThe Ball Burners XINayak Sports Academy 16,4221,200,000 
26-10-2016Thomas PorterfieldTeam BlueNayak Sports Academy 39,86425,531,500 
26-10-2016Jamie WarnerBhokali BhaiyasNayak Sports Academy 19,6241,260,000 
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