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Transfer History

Players bought: 106
Players sold: 179
Total purchases: Rs 1,006,599,840
Total sales: Rs 1,215,782,020
Displaying 121-140 of 284 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-05-2016Kanak Phookantears of sunGREAT KINGS XI 58,33450,000,000 
29-04-2016Kasun GayaniGREAT KINGS XIThe Blitzkreig Boys 71,73029,866,200 
29-04-2016Krishna AanamGREAT KINGS XIAce Of Kings 90,06130,600,000 
22-04-2016Carrig StirlingGREAT KINGS XIMynnix United 20,8475,722,200 
19-03-2016Joseph ReeveesGREAT KINGS XIBig Valley Boys 26,497612,000 
17-03-2016Sanchit MajumdarPeople of TomorrowGREAT KINGS XI 19,0435,000,000 
17-03-2016Chittaranjan KhumtungGREAT KINGS XIDeactivated team 50,99430,400,000 
17-03-2016Jason MacGillGREAT KINGS XISubham Smackers 20,4783,121,200 
16-03-2016Manmeet SandhuLeague of RoadrunnersGREAT KINGS XI 49,61545,000,000 
15-03-2016Vincent McTaggertGREAT KINGS XIThe Night Owls 21,2545,714,600 
15-03-2016Natsai TshumaGREAT KINGS XIaussieboys 20,3295,390,000 
15-03-2016Kyron RoachGREAT KINGS XIDeactivated team 35,5158,531,300 
21-02-2016Namal DhammikaGREAT KINGS XISTAR SPARKS 48,86324,480,000 
18-02-2016Kasun GayaniMM 11GREAT KINGS XI 58,68231,620,000 
18-02-2016Imraan TahirGREAT KINGS XISTALINGRAD 17,5362,000,000 
04-02-2016Pavithra VimukthiGREAT KINGS XIDeactivated team 37,54718,000,000 
30-01-2016Herbert GardnerGREAT KINGS XIIndian Pirates 19,9242,972,900 
21-01-2016Carl WorrellGREAT KINGS XIDeactivated team 16,6482,000,000 
20-01-2016Vassant ShankarGREAT KINGS XIMAGICAL STARS 25,0062,500,000 
19-01-2016Daniel OxleyGREAT KINGS XIDeepZ XI 54,40028,090,800 
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