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Transfer History

Players bought: 183
Players sold: 236
Total purchases: Rs 2,155,967,795
Total sales: Rs 2,344,322,490
Displaying 161-180 of 419 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
05-11-2016Shah FazalThe Exotic DEMONSDeactivated team 24,89010,000 
05-11-2016Harishankar VashistThe Exotic DEMONSRun Riders 32,17710,200 
05-11-2016Mohan PokalThe Exotic DEMONSChennai Buldosers 29,34310,000 
05-11-2016Gabir AhmedThe Exotic DEMONSArchers 17,32210,000 
23-09-2016Fareed IbadullaThe Exotic DEMONSAngry Gayle 27,1023,000,000 
22-09-2016Kumar SekharanSupreme sky hawksThe Exotic DEMONS 56,60350,000,000 
21-09-2016Newman FindlayOutback BrumbiesThe Exotic DEMONS 20,140720,500 
21-09-2016Rishav MaheshwariPissed PacablesThe Exotic DEMONS 16,356200,000 
17-09-2016Rishav Mishrareddy champsThe Exotic DEMONS 34,1405,000,000 
14-09-2016Tarisai MakovahNeo The NemesisThe Exotic DEMONS 15,60144,100 
13-09-2016Mohomed VandortThe Jainco SuperstarsThe Exotic DEMONS 23,028500,000 
12-09-2016Baalakrishna GurramRaj Rockets 921The Exotic DEMONS 27,604200,000 
12-09-2016Harishankar VashistDazed and ConfusedThe Exotic DEMONS 32,177102,000 
12-09-2016Arpit GovindasamiDeactivated teamThe Exotic DEMONS 16,20310,000 
12-09-2016Mohan PokalRoyal Challengers 3198The Exotic DEMONS 29,343200,000 
12-09-2016Shah FazalNeon ManiacThe Exotic DEMONS 24,89062,000 
10-09-2016Arunn VivekanandaThe Exotic DEMONSRequiescat in Pace 15,94312,000 
10-09-2016Shuhul VermaThe Exotic DEMONSRequiescat in Pace 12,70110,500 
10-09-2016Himesh KathuriaThe Exotic DEMONSUna Daredevils H P 17,668510,000 
10-09-2016Nishad KambojThe Exotic DEMONSRequiescat in Pace 11,00711,100 
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